A Vintage Home

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A Vintage Home
Vintage and retro styles have been on trend for some time now and it is unlikely that it will disappear any time soon. Before we begin to discuss the ways in which this style can be achieved in your home, it is probably best to discuss the vintage VS retro debate. A relatively awkward question but I think we can safely suggest that the term vintage will generally refer to the age of an item whereas retro refers to the style. With that out of the way, we can begin with our top tips for a vintage – and retro! – style home…

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Reclaimed Furniture
Reusing, recycling and reclaiming are fairly similar choices and in all honesty they pretty hard to differentiate. However, this post is going to focus on introducing reclaimed vintage furniture into your home. Now this doesn’t mean running down to your local refuse centre and fashioning a masterpiece out of old wood! Reclaiming is a way of freshening up older furniture so that it could maintain its beauty in your living space.
Whether you choose to sand down an antique bookcase before varnishing it or reupholster a vintage chair, you can pretty much adapt any vintage furniture to suit you. And if DIY really isn’t for you then we definitely recommend checking out this storeguide for an easier (but still beautiful) way to add some vintage style to your home.

Solid Wood Flooring
Let’s talk flooring. Some of us might feel that vintage or retro flooring is found in heavily patterned carpets and frilly rugs. This is definitely not the case! It is true that thick carpets can be incredibly vintage and if that is your style, then stick to it like glue. However, if you like the idea of a vintage design but installing carpet is not on the horizons, then why not look to wood flooring?
From laminate to solid wood, this flooring solution has the ability to look vintage whilst actually being incredibly contemporary. If you’re thinking about this but you’re a little worried about an entire renovation, it is important to really assess your options. UK based flooring specialists PoshFlooring have a stunning selection of wood floors for you to choose from and can offer you professional advice before taking the plunge!

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Quirky Accessories

A vintage home would not be complete without the appropriate placement of a few quirky accessories. If you desire to own truly vintage items then you are certainly going to need to rummage. You may be lucky enough to have been passed down various knick-knacks from your family such as embroidered tablecloths or a slightly dusty record collection that would look fantastically vintage in your home. Some of us aren’t so lucky and we have to spend our time in a charity shop hunting down antique mirrors and vintage alarm clocks!

A very simple way of introducing quirky accessories into your interior space is to think slightly more retro. There is an absolute abundance of retro themed items throughout high-street shops at the moment and a personal favourite of ours is this EnglishMustard Retro Telephone – amazing right? If the idea of colour popping retro is a little much, take advice from Freshome who suggest introducing more subtle accessories such as these vintage earthenware beer bottles.

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