The last of the summer park days & Wilf at two and a half

Last weekend when we were all in grumpy moods (I'm actually blaming the full moon now) we tried our best to shake it out at the park. I didn't mean to take so many pictures actually but somehow I did, story of my life.

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Over the past few months Wilf has had lots of changes, we stopped breastfeeding, he gave up his dummy (that he used to fall asleep) and he went through a kind of crazy growth spurt. I think I'll probably talk about the end of breastfeeding in a post of it's own because otherwise this one will be SO long and frankly I'm writing this is a cafe and I fear if I think on it too much I may shed a tear.

I feel a bit bad that I used to do all those monthly updates on Wilf when he was a baby and haven't really recorded any updates on him since he was two, although I suppose this blog is just that a constant update of him and our lives.

Frankly when Wilf was a baby he was probably doing all the same things as ever other baby on the planet (lets be honest) and amazing as babies are..I think maybe the age they learnt to roll over or eat an avocado is only 'stop the press' news to a small handful of people and not the groundbreaking event I though it was at the time ;)

I'm constantly amazed that Tom and I have grown and are raising this little person. Who although looks like us and shares some mannerisms is very much his own person. 

Wilf has always been a pretty easy going child (which I put down to luck and not some kind of amazing parenting by the way). I'm so very grateful for his calmness as we've only so far dealt with one epic meltdown after which I walked home crying and was scared to leave the house for a good day or two (still don't know what that was even about). It's terrifying watching you child act so distressed and not being able to get through to them, let alone completely mortifying, my heart goes out to every parent in that situation, seriously! 

When it comes to language Wilf started speaking sentences at around 16 months. I sort of cringe writing that sentence as I feel like anyone reading it is doing a major eye roll right now, but I'm aware of being a bit too British when it comes to the fear of being boastful and over praising and it's just a fact at the end of the day. I really do think that being able to communicate fully with us at such a young age meant we had things a lot easier a lot quicker. When he started nursery at 18months the key workers would tell us that none of the other children could talk yet and how it helped with him adjusting so quickly as he could chat to them and tell them what he wanted or needed and even crack jokes and recite songs. I think we avoided a lot of frustrated behaviour as we always knew what he wanted and could meet his needs..that is however until the things he asks for aren't really 'needs' (like watching yet another episode of the moomins or only having jam on toast for dinner or wanting to leave the house without shoes or so on so forth). We say no to certain things and it usually ends with a few tears but such is life with a toddler ey?

Each day together Wilf comes out with phrases that have Tom and I either cracking up or whispering to each other 'where did he get that from??'. I feel guilty yet again that I don't stop to record these but it's something I'm going to make an extra effort to now. I love reading the funny things my friends kids come out with (like Jess's little girl Cherry!). 

That being said I do have a few written down (thanks to FB) some of these date back to January but I'm going to try and remember to take note a bit more from now on.

'Wilf carrying a feather duster around the house before leaving for the park 'I won't take my tickling stick outside, I don't want it to get in all the blood'‪#‎creepythingsmytoddlersays‬'

Overheard Wilf in his room playing on his toy computer. The computer keeps saying 'have you checked your email??' Accusingly and Wilf is shouting 'no! I have not checked my email! I'm just a little boy!

Wilf just swept his hair back and said 'I'm gorgeous'

jimi Hendrix just came on the radio and Wilf jumped up shouted 'this makes me want to dance!' 'Lets take our socks off and just dance mummy!'

Me 'what are you doing up there Wilf?'
Wilf 'nuffin! doin nuffin mummy!'
Me ' do you want to come down for your breakfast?'
Wilf ' doin my busy work mummy!'
find him in the bathroom having thrown all the cotton wool balls all over the the floor..
Wilf 'it's OK to be sad mummy'

Wilf 'mummy I think its time that I would like a treat'
me 'OH REALLY! what kind of treat were you thinking about?'
Wilf 'umm maybe just some animal biscuits and a babyccino?'

Me trying on a new pink coat 

Wilf 'OH MUMMY! you look just like a pig in a dress!'

My lovely little boy. I can't tell you how much of an honour it is to be his mum

(in case you were wondering)
On Wilf:
Jumper - c/o Lilly and Sid
Trousers - H&M
Sandals - Clarks*


Mel J said...

Love the things he says. What a character!

kathrynsharman said...

Ha ha ha - wonderful post. I fancy some animal biscuits and a babyccino now. P.S. Great tiger jumper!

Katy Dial said...

I am crying at a pig in a dress - just the sort of thing my girls would say to me! My four year old asked me if everything was in black and white when I was little the other day! 'Because it was a LONG time ago mummy, in the olden days!' Haha

Sian Summers said...

Ok, those Wilf quotes had me laughing out loud! :-)

Gill Crawshaw said...

It''s so true about the baby updates isn't it? I used to do monthly ones too, not read any of them in ages but I bet they're SO boring to everyone but my mum! Will try and avoid this time :-) x

Polly Davies said...

he really is adorable! makes me excited to be having a boy this time.... and I love reading the funny things he says - cracks me up xx

Katie Albury said...

Literally laughed out loud at the babyccio and pig in a dress comments...he is really funny! I love the idea of documenting these moments on the blog! x

You Baby Me Mummy said...

Ha ha, the pig in the dress made me laugh. What a funny little dude and I am sure you looked divine! x

Em Rathbone said...

That pig in a dress quote had me cracking up!! What a fantastic little chap xx

The Owl and the Accordion said...

Hahaha, I love the Wilf-isms at the end. Toddlers are hilarious, except when they're not, and then they're just scary...

Claire said...

This is a lovely post. It's so funny how things change as time passes by. I remember describing them as minutes old, then hours, days, months and now years. It's just crazy. I love the things Wilf says- especially the "I'm just a little boy." I love overhearing them play. It is so special. All mine have been early talkers too and I think it also makes it easier for us as parents to put them into Nursery when they can communicate- it's reassuring when they can tell you what they've done and most importantly that they like it there. :-) xxx

Chez Mummy said...

Wonderful photographs. It's nice to take advantage of the good weather while we still have it. I definitely agree that children can say the funniest things. I need to record more of the phrases that mine say. They're so nice to look again for a giggle.

laura redburn said...

the pig in the dress thing is so funny! haha sorry :P always nice to read update posts like this from time to time!

Michelle Ashmore said...

Kaycee was putting 2-3 words together before age one and saying sentences by 18 months as well. It was great to be able to communicate with her but we found that because she acted older than her years and understood more than others her age, we expected all her behaviour to reflect that. When she acted like a normal 2/3 year old with the tantrums and stuff it would be a shock and we'd have to remind ourselves that she was still only little!

Kara said...

He is so adorable. I can't wait to here what Sebastian is thinking, we are still at the pointing stage

NewMumOnline said...

Oh I adore the things that they come out with. What a lovely post. I need to read it again later, slower xx

Laura Rocksteady said...

Oh he is soo cute - don't feel bad about taking too many photos - it's great to document their growth - he is such a stylish little dude. I still never got round to talking properly about the end of breastfeeding Mr A - I think because it's a personal thing it can stir emotions - one day I will get round to writing a post :)

Laura x

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