What We're Watching

I'm a bit late with these posts so this one should really be for September. With the nights getting darker and colder I'm sure we will be spending a bunch more time watching box sets!

Some things we have been watching:

The Bridge season two
Tom and I got into the first season a bit late to the game but when we were told about it earlier in the year we pretty much watched it all in a week. I do love me a good scandinavian crime drama and i'm happy to say season two was just good.

Mike Birbiglia
I have this weird thing about watching comedy. Ever since I was little I rarely laugh at things on TV, I can find them funny and think in my head that they are but I never really laugh at something on the telly. It's a bit odd but I remember my brother and I watching something as children and him being like 'why aren't you laughing, it's really funny!' and me being all 'I know! I'm finding it really funny..silently, in my head!'. Anyway as such I kind of avoid watching them because people will think I hate it or something, thankfully Tom understands so we watching this stand up the other night and it was really good. I found it very funny (in my head) and it was very on-topic for us too as it was kinda about marriage. I'd defo recommend it for a friday evening in!

Frances Ha
I'd seen the cover of this film and wanted to watch it for a while as it looked like 'my kinda movie' but  we'd recently seen another film by the same director which bored us to tears so we were wary. Actually it's very beautiful, it's never going to be a film I tell my friends about especially but was worth an evening.

Wilf has been watching:

Brave - It's no Frozen but it's better than Tangled (imo).
Little Princes - He's really into this right now
Tin Tin - I love that he's gotten into these, I used to watch them with my siblings as a child (as well as reading all the books). My parents sent us a lot of them which I know Wilf is going to LOVE when he's older. Same with Asterix, so many afternoon's I spent reading them, good times!

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Wild & Grizzly said...

Ooh I wonder if F would like Brave? Might give it a try x

Lia Billimore said...

I think i may have to get into The Bridge as so many people rave about it! I'm waiting for Gilmore Girls to come to Netflix - i hope it's not just a U.S thing.

Alison Perry said...

We've been watching Brave on Netflix. First time I watched it, I was kinda shocked when the mum turns into a bear!! I love it, and it's one of my Disney faves now. (Might be because of the Scottish connection!) Have you watched Sons Of Anarchy? We are currently OBSESSED with it.

kathrynsharman said...

I haven't seen any of tehse. I'm still waiting for teh next series of Orange is the new black and game of thrones.

I have to say I love Brave (and even prefer it to Frozen) but my kids are completely caught up in Frozen at the mo and Despicable Me! x

Globalmouse said...

I haven't seen any of these but will look them up...really getting into boxsets at the moment and watching an episode (or more!) a night!!

Laura Hunter said...

I haven't seen Frances Ha but Jon says its good, will have to grab a glass of wine and catch up! xxx

Fiona said...

I loved The Bridge, so good. I have to stop myself watching the series on netflix, because if I find a good one I don't sleep for weeks until I've finished it. I'm too old for such behaviour now. xx

Jess@AlongCameCherry said...

Oh is Brave on Netflix, I've never seen it. I've been watching absolute trash since getting Sky, I'm absolutely addicted to Made in Chelsea and have been watching 4/5 episodes a night. I've still got five seasons to go though! And the final season of Sons, only 6 left! x

slinton1 said...

Yay, at last someone else who shares my weirdness. I don't laugh at things on telly either, my other half doesn't understand it at all and to be honest neither do I really! I do love a good comedy so will have to check out your recommendation.

Adele Jarrett-Kerr said...

I LOVE Brave. Talitha hasn't seen it yet (too scary) but I've watched it like three times and cried EVERY time. She has the book which she loves me to read to her and I blub through that as well - she totally thinks I'm a weirdo.

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