Boden Spring/Summer 2015 and all the pretties

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to preview Boden's Spring/Summer collection 2015. As you may have noticed I've recently started a love affair with everything Boden which began after I discovered this skirt (worn here and here). Since then I've been totally taken with their retro design and bright bold prints. When it comes to the clothes I wear I want them to make me feel happy and playful and that is something that Boden certainly do!

Funny story, having had to leave Bristol late to travel to London (due to childcare arrangements) myself and Lori (who came up with my for the Amara Awards) knew we only had a really short amount of time to pop into the press day and view the collection. The train we were on had plugs that didn't work and so having both spent the day rushing around after our kids and not remembering to charge our phones we were both down the the red slither of battery.

I checked the address for the event and dumping out bags in our apartment for the night we literally ran straight back out the door and followed the postcode on a 25 minute walk to Somerset House, up the stairs to the room I thought it was in and...it looked very un-boden. With a few plinths scattered around in monochrome with some sunglasses on them..and some very fashionable people in black talking quietly..I went up the the guy in charge and asked 'where's Boden?'

So it turns out I was like 5 months early for the Autumn/Winter Boden press day..and had read the wrong email. My battery on my phone by this point was at about 2% and I couldn't find the email with the right address..so just before my phone cut out I managed to check IG and luckily the press day had the location tagged and we jumped in a taxi and managed to pop in quickly before the end of the day.

Oh wait, no we did stop outside the ice rink at Somerset House for a quick photo op ;)

I'm happy to say it was SO WORTH IT. And I am eagerly awaiting Spring for all this prettiness, just look at that top (it's a two piece set *swoon*).

P.S Boden* have 25% off at the moment too...just saying (use code X4K7)


Happy Homebird said...

This made me chuckle :) Look at that Christmassy ice rink! The Boden display is very pretty with the peg board - I need a peg board!!

Kiran at Mummy Says said...

Oh Fritha this made me laugh. And, oh my goodness, it looks like Boden will be making spring rather pretty for us all. My love affair will continue! Glad you got to see the pretty rink outside Somerset House though too! x

Polly Davies said...

How pretty does that ice rink look?? I love Boden stuff, so beautiful x

Jess@AlongCameCherry said...

Wow looking forward to next Spring! That dress hanging up is gorgeous. The ice rink looks amazing too, in fact I think it's the one off Made in Chelsea ;) Haha can't believe I just said that out loud x

Adele Jarrett-Kerr said...

Haha, amazing that you actually got there in the end! Every time I see displays like this, I think we should start hanging some of our garden stuff. If only it weren't all so muddy. :)

laura redburn said...

so much pretty! and i love that top on you.

Laura Rocksteady said...

Such beautiful colours and print - I went to one of there press days about 2yrs ago and it was so beautifully styled. I love your skirt by the way and hope you had a lovely time at the awards :)

Laura x

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