A trip to London, Code Playground and seeing family (our weekend in pictures)

Over the weekend we took the train up to London to see my dad and little brother. It was a bit out of the blue but I'm so glad we did it as it's reminded us all how we should try and visit each other more often and how London is a good middle ground for us.

My little brother Madog is only ten years older than Wilf (13) so really he and Wilf have a little brother/big brother relationship that and uncle and nephew.

We had been invited to check out the Barclays 'Code Playground' which Madog was really keen on going to. It's nice to be able to invite my siblings along to events and show them things they might not ordinarily do. My dad was pretty interested in the whole blogger event thing, I sometimes forget that it isn't a very common career to have ;)

It's a pretty neat idea and is being held and run by their 'digital eagles' and every child can book a session to go learn about code and how to create their own games.

As Wilf doesn't start school for another year and a half I really have no idea about what is on the curriculum these days. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that coding is part of the schedule from a pretty young age which totally makes sense if think of the world we are in now. It did make me feel a bit old though! I fee like I was only in school a few years ago..not like ten years ago!

I love that feeling you get seeing your family adore your child, makes me feel so proud of my little boy

We took a stroll round St James Park which I'd never been to before, it's so pretty! I love discovering new-to-me parts of London every time I visit. It was the perfect wintery day, a quick walk around the lake before hot drinks to warm us up inside the parks cafe.

Although we didn't get to stay for too long before we headed back to our train it was lovely to see my dad and brother again after so long and we've already said we need to do it more. Now Wilf is older he can cope with days out and longer train journeys without getting too knackered and I know he loves seeing his 'grumpy' just as much as he loves seeing him.

my little brother received this neat Kano laptop in which to code games and other cool stuff but all words and thoughts are my own.


Natalie Ray said...

Wow, fascinating that coding is taught in schools now, that's brilliant I had no idea. Great photos, sounds like you had a great time in London. My sister is down there and I also always mean to visit more often.x

Katie @mummydaddyme said...

Ah looks like a lovely day out in London. Mr E is a designer and is desperate to get Mads to learn coding, he is counting the days until she is able to understand it all. ;)

Alison Perry said...

This looks like the perfect day out - I love St James Park and seeing family is something we should all do more. I had no idea coding was part of the curriculum now - I'm very impressed. I think I need to learn how to code so that G doesn't overtake me in her tech knowledge ;)

Claire said...

That looks like such a great day out- glad you got to see family too! That squirrel is such a city one, isn't he? The coding looks great. :-) x

Em Rathbone said...

Annie did coding club in reception last year and loved it. I am so glad to see it being taught in school at such a young age.
Looks like a perfect time in London x

You Baby Me Mummy said...

What lovely pictures huni. Looks like a fab day out x

Caroline - My Family Ties said...

Gorgeous photo's and I didn't realise that coding was in the curriculum :) xx

Globalmouse said...

My oldest is really into coding, I think it's brilliant that schools have embraced it. What a perfect weekend - family and fun!

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