Interior Ideas and a inspirational day at the Shard

Earlier this week I was invited to an event at the Shangri-la Hotel in the Shard with a company called 'Rooms Made for You'. I wasn't sure what to expect from the day but I've come away feeling very inspired with ideas of renovations and possibilities

Let me explain. Rooms Made For You are a company that make three magical products, and I actually mean 'magical' as I totally geeked out about what their products can do. But first let's take a look at this view..

I'll carry on.

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The first product we learnt about was the 'magnetic wall' . It's a special type of plaster that you apply to your wall which can them attack magnets. I've already got ideas for this for Wilf's room and also a partition wall we are hoping to put up to separate our large living space. We are hoping to keep one half the room as a proper living room and the other as a dining/work area. At the moment the two are very blurred and it's not a space that it working very well. I think it would make a great area to stick up notes and inspiration for work and projects I'm working on. 

We were giving the opportunity to make up our own magnets to style on a area of the plaster which was SO much fun. 

The second product we looked at was the 'Silent Floor'. We are lucky that we live in a semi-detached house and our neighbours are pretty good really however as they are the young childless types they do occasionally have parties on a Saturday night (parties? I can't even remember what they are!). Despite lowing the volume as an appropriate time you can often here the thud of the base which once you are aware of it makes it hard to get back to sleep. We listed to audio of the volume levels with and without the floor and it was amazing to hear the difference. The thinking is this type of product will be the standard in most new builds going forward but old for victorian houses like ours it could be a real help for noisy floorboards in old houses. 

Took a moment out to pose in the hotel because why not ;)

just reading a book about art in the Shard, as you do

The day took a competitive turn when we were introduced to the 'Lifestyle Wall' and we were timed to screw as many screws as we could into the piece of wall. I came joint first in our session with Lori and Lottie although all Lori's were screwed on a extreme wonk and Lottie got a bit too competitive and accidentally drew blood ;) that lady is determined! 

I was really impressed with the sets that interior designer Becky Clarke came up with using these products. 

A truly inspirational day!

in association with Rooms Made For You

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