Life Lately plus a little local spa discount

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I was just staring at this picture thinking how amazing it would be to say that life lately had been hanging out here...I wish!

I did do some hanging out in a spa with some of my favourite blogging type people though which was also very fun. I got a wonderful facial that I almost very nearly fell asleep during and I got to chit chat for a good three hours with a nice glass of wine in hand. Bliss. We were invited by Spa Naturel Fitness and if you are local and fancy a little treat anytime in March you can grab 20% off with code TIGER10 I can recommend the facial!

I only had my first ever massage a year or so after having Wilf and I was blown away by how much it effected me. I'm now a big believer in treating myself to body work like massages, the next thing I really need to sort out is my awful posture!

Some other things from life lately:

A lovely reader asked a while back if I would do a post on how to edit my photos or equipment I use. I'm so sorry I've not got round to this yet but it is in the works I promise! I've been really getting into learning about different lenses and filters & how they can effect a picture. I was sent this one just before Christmas and used it in these pictures and really loved the depth it gave them. I'm excited to pick up some more and play around with them.

I'm trying to think of what else we have been up to whilst our days sort of blur into one!

First picture - top / coat / leggings / hat / trainers 
Second picture - top / leggings / boots 

I've been hanging out with this one as much as I can. In fact I've been tempted to skip our nursery days more often then not because he has been such a joy to be around. Although whenever I get home and manage to drink a cup of tea and get some work done I know how important they are for us both. 

Wilf has been coming out with the funniest sayings and questions lately and I need to be stop and I really need to write them down before I forget them. He has us laughing so many times of the day, it reminds me how he is his own very special person apart from Tom and I. Such an amazing experience seeing a person grow into their personality.

We've been keeping it pretty local lately & staying close to home or indoors but we saw a teeny tiny bit of spring's arrival the other day and I let that sun soak into my skin for as long as possible. Every time I get to February I seem to forget there ever was a time that we didn't have to wear coats and to be honest I still probably should have worn one as it was a little chilly! 
What else?

The folks at Colour Me Wellies sent Wilf a pair of these wellies to colour in. Such a fun idea for a rainy day..ha! ;)

I'm taking over on the Radley Instagram account this weekend to show you a little of my weekend if you fancy following along. I love Bristol harbourside in the sun!

coat / dress / bag / shoes

I also have a whole bunch of new stock in the shop if you fancy checking it out. I love these letter banners, so fun!

I hope you all have fantastic weekends, thanks so much for all your lovely comments in my last post I really appreciate it. I was telling a friend just the other day how much it means to me that you guys take the time to comment, I have the loveliest readers!

*some of these items were sent to me in return for featuring on my blog but all words and thoughts are my own


Wild & Grizzly said...

Ooh these wellies are ace and I've not thought about trying a filter on my lens. Might have to check them out x

Jess@AlongCameCherry said...

Those wellies are awesome! I trained to be a massage therapist a few years ago with the aim of going on to specialise in baby massage but my blog had become my job by the time I finished so I never bothered. It's a wasted skill with Mr C too as the weirdo doesn't like massages! Although that's mainly because I try and work his knots out which is really painful and he likes it relaxing, haha. I love them though so have tried to teach him the techniques which has helped a bit, his old massages used to be horrendous! x

Laura Rocksteady said...

Oh wow how cool are those colouring in wellies!! Also you and W are so cute and I love the Cest Bon jumper. Have been enjoying your Radley instagram take over btw :)

Laura x

abigail said...

Love all of Wilfs outfits, so colourful! Those wellies are also amazing, such a good idea.

kathrynsharman said...

Thanks for the catch-up, life is a bit of a blur at times isn't it! Love your new Boden coat and Wilf's outfits (of course!) x

Lia Billimore said...

Hahaha I'm reading this post the morning I noticed it was 2 years since our last (er, and only!) Spa visit! Must be a sign!!

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