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As you might have noticed we've been travelling a lot more as a family over the past year. It's become one of my favourite things and I love the feeling of showing Wilf the world, it makes me feel so ridiculously lucky to be giving him these experiences. 

One thing we've never tried though is a cruise and to be honest I know very little about them. Whenever I talk about the idea it's often met with a mixed opinion. People are often worried about the expense, if the kids will like it, or even if it’s safe. Cruises seem to polarise opinion – plenty of people love them, and plenty are a bit baffled by their popularity.

So the helpful folks at Cruise1st have stepped in to answer some of my questions about cruise holidays – Click below to read on and feel free to add any of your own in the comment section below!

Will I Get Seasick?
If you are particularly prone to nausea or motion sickness, there is a chance you could suffer from seasickness. There are a number of ways to remedy this without spoiling your holiday. The first is to select a cruise aboard one of the larger ships as they experience reduced levels of motion, and try to book a cabin nearer the centre of the ship.
Other non-medicinal remedies include Sea Bands – the nausea-prevention wrist band.
Are Cruises Safe?
The Titanic and more recent isolated cruise disasters have slightly skewed the perception of cruise safety in many people. The chances of a cruise ship running into trouble are minuscule. Costing hundreds of millions, built by some of the world’s greatest engineering minds and operated by experienced seafarers – cruise ships and holidays are incredibly safe.
Are Kids Welcome on a Cruise?
Over the past two decades, cruise companies have gone to great lengths to increase the family appeal of their holidays. Offering comprehensive childcare services, child-friendly facilities and dining options – many of the larger cruise ships have dedicated significant effort to ensure children of all ages have comfortable and enjoyable stays on the seas.
Alternatively, there are a number of cruise ships such as the P&O Arcadia which exclusively cater for adults – if you are looking for a break from the children.
Are There a Lot of Hidden Costs?
Many cruise holidays operate on an all-inclusive basis with one price covering board, meals and activities. However, the majority of these include optional paid-for extras such as additional dining options, excursions and spa treatments.
The most common additional cost not included in the initial price is the daily gratuity charge. Most cruise lines charge every passenger a set amount for gratuities every day. However, these can be changed at the guest services desk, allowing you to reduce or even completely remove the daily charge if you believe it to be extortionate.
Will I Have to Wear a Tuxedo/Cocktail Dress?
One of the major changes to the cruise industry in recent years is the increased number of informal events and activities provided. Whilst the stereotypical cruise ship passenger may be an octogenarian in a cocktail dress, you’re more likely to find a family in smart-casual attire enjoying their evening meal rather than a formal ball.
Will I Get Bored?
The major cruise lines are constantly competing with each other to offer more and more comprehensive facilities and activities for all guests. Incredible features such as open-air cinemas, sky-diving and surfing are all available aboard some of the world’s top cruise ships.
Additionally, a number of cruise lines offer themed trips for guests with specific interests. Music fans, antique-hunters and wannabe bakers can all benefit from themed cruises, indulging their interests.
Can I Book a Short Cruise?
If you want to get a short sample of holidaying on the seas without committing to a long holiday, it is possible to book a taster cruise which is traditionally 2-4 nights at sea. This can help you determine whether or not you think you’d enjoy holidaying at sea.
Are Cruise All Expensive?
There’s a cruise ship and holiday for almost every budget – from affordable short breaks to luxury long-haul trips around the Caribbean aboard smaller ships with a private concierge. There are also a number of ways to cut the costs when booking cruise holidays such as waiting for last minute deals – empty cabins are wasted revenue for cruise lines so are willing to slash prices as departure day approaches.
Moneywise offer a helpful guide to getting a cheaper cruise holiday, here.
Do Cruise Ships Have Internet?
One of the biggest challenges for cruise ships in recent years has been providing internet speeds comparable to the connections found on land. This has proven difficult for cruise ships which are hundreds of miles out to sea and accommodating thousands of guests, but the speeds are rapidly increasing. Royal Caribbean have recently started installing internet connections supplied by O3bNetworks on their newer and refurbished ships – providing the fastest internet at sea, capable of performing video calling, streaming and downloading tasks at an impressive rate.

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Beth Roberts said...

I'm actually reading your post right now from a cruise ship!! It's an 8 day one on Quantum of the Seas and it's just fantastic. I did worry that I, being 27 would be surrounded by oldies (!) but it's a real mix bag and there's plenty to do every day/eve. Highly recommended!

fritha strickland said...

ah no way! Ok I'm sold! x

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