Living Arrows, some reflecting and a little video!

I wanted to share some pics from the Living Arrows project this year. This is third year I've been taking weekly portraits of Wilf and I'm always so glad it's something I've kept up. You can see the weekly portraits over here along with some other lovely mamas and if you want to join in too of course!

I know it's an obvious thing to say but being a mum really makes you feel love in a way you never have before. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't feel thankful I've been given this opportunity and to be this little boys mum is a privilege.

Everyday as a parent is different, even the days that are mundane are unique and special. It's hard to describe why, it might be a shared joke, a twinkle in his eye when he's done something cheeky or that joy he bursts with them he's achieved something new. Some of my favourite times are when we return from whatever adventure we've had that morning and we curl up on the sofa to watch a movie or read a book together and he puts his little hand in mine and I feel like I have everything I've ever wanted.

Somethings Wilf has said lately:

(whilst playing animal snap and winning) 'mummy I totally snailed you at snap!

Wilf has a new friend in nursery, his description of her 'she's quite lovely and she hardly ever wee's in her pants'.

Wilf standing right in front of his colouring book - 'mummy can you come over here and turn the page for me?'
Me - not really Wilf, you are right in front of it and can do it yourself'
Wilf - listen, I am your baby and if you love me very much you will come and turn this page, if not I will give you a time out and thats a promise. You should take this deal'
Me 'uuuh OK!'

'why are those little men crying??' - Wilf watching Snow White for the first time earlier today, shortly followed by 'why is she so sleepy?'

Wilf after I found he had drawn over himself in a sharpie (I left out) 'maybe try and think of the times I'm not doing naughty behaviour and you will feel happy and not cross'

Wilf - 'when I'm bigger I'm going to grow a beard & become a daddy. I'm going to marry my friend Alfie and we can have three babies 'Marnie, Selfie and Alfie'

I found both of our cats wearing medallions this morning. Asked Wilf about it and he said 'yer they won them playing pass the parcel'

wilf '3,6,9 the goose drank wine, then they all died'

Also I found this little video of Wilf when he was only a few months old, the cuteness! 


Katie Sparrow said...

Those are lovely photos Fritha. dSLR or iPhone? I wish I had written down all the little nuggets my boys say. I must remember to!

fritha strickland said...

a mix! mostly DSLR but I do love iPhone for grabbing that snap you might not have got! they are so funny aren't they, I wish I wrote down more! x

Jess@AlongCameCherry said...

Ahhh I've had the most stressful few days with a non stop crying J but this has still made me broody! And I love the things Wilf has been saying, they always make me laugh out loud. I have a few blog posts of when Cherry used to say funny things but as they get older it stops happening which is a shame, def make a not of them all while you can! xx

Lizzie Woodman said...

Oh, those snippets are so funny - they say the funniest things!

Polly Davies said...

love the funny things he says, and how cute is that video!?

abigail said...

haha what a witty little one! I think I might try the thinking of non naughty things and try to be happy!

kathrynsharman said...

Things Wilf says are just the best!!

Katie Albury said...

Loved this post...Wilf sounds hilarious and it's so great to keep a log of all these little precious moments xx

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