the first 1,000 days

With a new baby on the way Tom and I have been reminiscing quite a lot about the baby days with Wilf and what we can remember about those sleep deprived first days. I say first days but Wilf actually only really started sleeping for any length of time at around two. We've joked that the new baby couldn't possibly sleep any worse (for the first 18m he would not sleep longer than 45min stretches) but truthfully I'm preparing myself for a similar stretch of tiredness & anything less will be a bonus ;)

The NCT as sponsored by Pampers have conducted a survey about the first 1,000 days. Starting from pregnancy up until children's second birthday they followed over a thousand parents and recorded their insights into these early days with their kiddos.

(Top pic Wilf at almost two..and really working that outfit ;) - below at 18m)

What's quite reassuring is that a third of these parents also experienced sleep deprivation until two years also. I guess when I say reassuring its because when others are experiencing the same, you tend to feel a bit less alone. From chatting to my own friends most of them would agree that sleep really only established itself at around this time.

Everything with Wilf was a first for us, from his first bath to that first ever night as parents. I had given birth at 7pm (at home) and so we were tucked up our bed by 9ish, me just staring and staring at him despite my exhaustion not being able to stop just drinking him in. The moment he cried just a few hours into the night and we went through the check list, try and feed him, is he wet? In the end we put another cardigan on him and he fell back to sleep. It felt like such a major acomlishment to have solved.

Pampers have created this beautiful video below of a journey of firsts. I have to admit being quite hormonal at the moment it did make me cry! I'm so looking forward t o those newborn snuggles, those days of just staring at them and marvelling at the miracle they really are.
What firsts do you remember?

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