Larmer Tree and festivals when pregnant

We spent last weekend at mine and Wilf's first ever festival, Larmer Tree! I'm sure my first festival experience probably differs from most considering I'm five months pregnant and had a three year old in tow but there you go ;)

A few people have asked how I found going to a festival pregnant so I thought I'd post about what things helped or what was a bit tricky!

We attended the festival as guests of Mamas and Papas and they were kind enough to put us up in a bell tent from 'Hotel Bell Tents'. I have to say I think the experience would have been very different had we been regular camping (or the camping I remember from my childhood!). The bell tents come with a inflatable double bed and you can pay a little extra for a bedding package which comes with a duvet and pillows as well as towels and toiletries.

As we don't drive there really wasn't anyway we could have brought a tent or bedding on the train so it was perfect to travel with just the clothes we needed and snacks!

How cute are the gypsy caravans also though??

I think as Larmer Tree is such a small family friendly festival it was a great one to go to when pregnant as we could easily head back to our bell tent in the afternoon for a rest. The weekend was such a sunny one that on Friday after we had arrived and checked everything out we headed back for a kip. I ended up stripping to my underwear to nap as it was so humid and I woke up to find Wilf had stuck ALL the minions from his sticker book over me. On top of that the staff from the Hotel Bell Tent company had just stepped in to ask if they could blow up our mattress a little more (as they do daily) so it was quite an amusing situation!

We met up with our lovely friends from Globalmouse Travels on the saturday and they had brought a festival wagon with them which I would really recommend if you have the room to bring one. You can hire one from the festival for the weekend and to be honest in the future I would do this as they really are worth it. At three Wilf just doesn't have the stamina to walk around all day and needs little breaks here and there.

We brought along camping chairs as we could just sling them over our shoulders with our rucksacks and they turned out to be such a good idea. Sitting on the ground for long periods of time with a bump it just pretty uncomfy and it also helped with Wilf in the evenings when he was knackered to cuddle up with him whilst we could enjoy the bands.

I'd say the only real downside of being pregnant at a festival is the amount of time you need to pee. The toilets were actually amazing in the festival and especially the ones in the comfy camping where they even had shower trucks with hot showers cubicles. Our tent was only a five minute walk to the posh loos but even then it gets a bit much three times a night having to put your jumper and wellies on!

I'm really glad we went though as we are unlikely to go ahead for a while with the new baby arriving and the fact that traveling with two might be a bit tricky until one of us learns to drive. It made for some lovely memories whilst we are still a family of three.

I made a little video if you fancy a watch too!
What are your festival tips for going with children (or pregnant?)


kathrynsharman said...

Hat off to you doing a festival while pregnant Fritha but i'm so glad you had a little luxury with the bell tent to make things more comfortable and fun. I still think Wilf's outfit is the coolest festival look I've seen all summer!!! x

76 sunflowers said...

Lovely post and video :) We started taking our two aged 4 and 2 and it gets easier and easier and they love it year on year. Would love to go to Larmer Tree but always falls in term time and on my teaching days - booo! I spy Steph and her ukulele too! :) Wilf has ALL the moves! :)

Jenni said...

Aww what a cute little video, the whole thing looks awesome. We haven't been to any big festivals but found little ones like this to be really good with kids. x

Lins BooandMaddie said...

Good for you for giving it a go, I know plenty of people that run screaming in the other direction. It looks like you had a really lovely time (and amen for posh loos!) X

Globalmouse said...

Aw it was lovely spending your first festival with you, it was so nice hanging out....we'll have to do it again - maybe in a few years ;) Love the video xx

Lauren - émoi émoi said...

Looks like you had a great time- and a good festival to bear in mind when you've got kids :)


Kelly Rae said...

looks like a fabulous time! Can't wait till we head off to Camp Bestival next week :)

Stephie said...

Ahh I want to be back there. Such a wonderful festival. I was so proud to be there with my ukulele playing for people - though 9 sets and a workshop in 4 days was manic! So nice to meet you too xx

Laura Rocksteady said...

Oh so glad to hear you had a good time - the Bell tent Minions situation sounded amusing :) We have a wagon and like you said totally recommend it as little legs get tired after walking around so much

Laura x

Jess@AlongCameCherry said...

It was such a good festival for families, such a shame we didn't see you there! xx

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