Small Kitchen Spaces

I'm always really inspired by small spaces and especially small kitchens as ours is a typical victorian galley design. It's often quite hard to find surface space or to feel like you can do anything in it but quickly cook and get out.

I love trawling the internet for ideas on how to improve our space. I remember in the days before Pinterest (yes really!) I used to print out my favourite ideas and stick them into a sketch book for mine and Tom's one day dream home. The hours I use to spend cutting and sticking!

These images were taken from a piece I saw on a a caravan makeover where you of course need to be very clever when it comes to space. I'm so in love with what they did with it and it almost makes me want to sell our house and buy a mobile home (I have way too much 'stuff' for that to ever be a possibility!).

If you are looking at buying a place this loan calculator from TSB can be a handy tool to work out how much you could borrow. Our house is almost a constant 'work in progress' with some sort of project needing to be undertaken but I also kind of love that about it!

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Gill Crawshaw said...

We also have a Victorian kitchen that's on the small side - my dream would be a massive extension on the back with huge doors into the garden (suspect we'd need a massive loan for that though!)n x

Wild & Grizzly said...

I love small spaces and would totally swoon for a new kitchen space that is both functional and westhetically pleasing! Another pipe dream for when we eventually buy. x

kathrynsharman said...

I used to cut and stick pictures of interiors into a scrapbook too circa 2005. OMG Fritha imagine if we'd had the amazing idea of launching an online electronic version we'd be millionaires. Ah well! Love that cute kitchen by teh way xx

Laura Rocksteady said...

I have a thing about small spaces - I have always liked small rooms or clever storage or interesting and practical designs within a small space and use to cut the out of things like Ikea mags and interior design ones

Laura x

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