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I share so much daily to my instagram account that I often forget to share here so I thought it was about time for a little photo dump of life lately. They are mainly just pics that don't quite fit into a specific post but I still want to be able to look back on so..indulge me..

Over the weekend I took over Cath Kidston's IG account which was a lot of fun. It's funny this whole blogging thing, I remember first moving to Bristol (seven years ago) and stepping foot in a Cath Kidston store for the first time. Obviously I'd heard of the brand before (I was proud owner of two of their 'make it' books) but I'd never seen their items in person. I remember thinking 'I would literally buy ALL of this for my dream home if I could'. That year a now ex boyfriend bought me my first piece of Cath Kidston, a floral sewing box and although we parted ways shortly after (and I met Tom not long after that!) it was one of my most prized possessions. To be working with brands that I genuinely love now all these years later, well it makes me want to pinch myself sometimes!

Tom and Wilf have a daddy-son day together every Thursday but I'm always trying to gate crash as I don't want to miss out on the fun! The other week we went to see Big Hero 6 (about a million years after everyone else!) oh my gawd did I bawl my eyes out!

Wilf took this picture of us! He is really into using Tom's phone to snap things he see's on our day-to-day and sometimes he'll point something out and be like 'you should take a picture of that mummy', such a bloggers child. I feel like we should print this one out though, it's like looking at us through his eyes.

I recently treated myself to a Fujifilm Instax printer, I already have the camera but found I was taking so many pics that didn't really look very good (like probably 8 out of ten were a bit rubbish) and the film is quite pricey. With the printer you can print straight from your iPhone so you can edit it on your phone and take as many pics as you like, it's probably cheating a bit but I do love it! I'll still use my camera for occasions but I'm slowly printing out some of my favourite phone pics for my Instax photo album. I love this one of my two guys.

I had to include this one, it's one of those moments I never want to forget. Wilf at three climbing out of his bed and into mine to protest about how he definitely was not in any way tired...then about two seconds later this ;)

On the weekend I also managed to do a little 'baby clothes haul' it almost killed me what with my camera battery dying half way through (and me not realising and talking to a dead camera for like ten mins..) and then when I re-did it, it was out of focus! I botched together a little ending which Wilf made a special appearance in at the end, ha! If you fancy watching it I've popped it below

And lastly! We took a little walk in our local nature reserve to go blackberry picking, Wilf had been begging to go for the longest time after seeing them scattered along the cycle path. He loved it so much, although he mainly directed us to where to pick them, he does like to delegate ;) and a friendly cat walked along with us for most of the way!

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