French Holiday destinations, my pick of three quirky properties!

One of my favourite places in the world (or what I've seen of the rest of the world so far!) is Paris. In fact we ended up visiting twice last year we love it so much. Lately though I've stopped craving the city breaks so much in favour of more relaxed slower paced locations. I'm a self confessed francophile so I'm really interested in taking some more french holidays.

I have really fond memories of camping holidays in the south of France as a child. Often when heading out really early somewhere on a normal summer's day will instantly remind me of these times which I think must be down to memories of walking to the toilets or being tasked to fill up water bottles first thing. I still can feel the grass on my feet and the promise of the sunny day ahead. However if I'm completely honest as an adult I'm not much of a camper. Perhaps I've grown a bit soft in my old age but I am much too reliant on my creature comforts for family camping so hiring a villa is much more up my street. With the new baby's arrival in just a few short months I am thinking of nesting down for the winter but still with an eye on the trips and destinations we might visit next year. I'm actually wondering if the first six months might be the perfect time to travel as (apart from the sleep deprivation) I think traveling with a baby is probably a lot less hassle than with a toddler or small child a lot of the time. Parents of more than one that travel I'd love to hear your opinion on this!

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I've drawn up a few dream french destinations via the villas on offer with Oliver's Travels and whilst I may have lost a good hour or so looking at the actual castles they have on their site (yes really!) I think I've narrowed it down to three on my wish list.

First of all lets stop for a second to appreciate how amazing would staying in this tower be! It's listed under their family friendly section and would be so fun for kids to explore. Not only that though but it's literally on the beach and is less than an hour away from the airport.

For a more rustic french feel I adore this farm house (especially the kitchen). The interior is painted and decorated in lovely pink and blue tons and it also has its own private pool as well as farm land which would be perfect for kids to run free in. 

My third pick would be this villa in the french riviera, its certainly the more expensive of three but a real treat if you were planning a special family trip. It's called the 'white house' for obvious reasons and the interiors are just so beautiful.

Which properties would you add to your 'wish list'?

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