Thoughts on school and pretty shoes

What we wore
Me - dress (get 10% off with TIGER10) shoes
Wilf - top / trousers / shoes

Although Wilf doesn't start school until next year it's already a subject thats on my mind quite a lot lately. I don't know if it's because so many of my friend's children are starting this year but it's making me panic slightly about how close we are to that time. I know that starting school comes with a list of things they are 'supposed' to be able to achieve, from getting themselves dressed (I'm wondering if Wilf will show any interest in this over the next year as he shows none right now!) to writing his name and being able to use scissors.

I'm not majorly worried about these points as he's currently only three and a half (and I'm not sure should be expected to write already) but the idea that he is 'supposed' to be able to do certain things makes me feel worried already that he will judged on his abilities. I guess you always want to protect your children from feeling they are different in a bad way or that their worth is valued on a tick list of achievements. Being someone that has both dyslexia and dyspraxia (yep I'm the clumsy one that can't spell or judge distance appropriately) school wasn't always a great experience for me. I still managed to get by and achieve a 2:1 degree with honours which was mainly due to some extensive coping methods and was by large a fairly stressful experience. Really the fact I now earn my living writing is quite hilarious to me!

I think for the most part I was a square peg that didn't fit a round holed school system but I don't want to push my own experiences onto Wilf as he is his own person. Tom and I have both decided that although we love lots of the ideas of full home schooling, it isn't for us. However we are lucky that many of our local schools support 'flexi schooling'. This could mean that if we wanted to look down this path he could spend at least one day learning with us at home ed groups or days out and the other four in a class room environment. It's massively important to me that he is encouraged to be his own person at school and although I think the school he is most likely to go to will fit those needs it's also some comfort to know if it doesn't we can reassess what's best for him and that nothing is completely set it stone.

Clarks asked us to pick out a pair of 'new school shoes' for this post. I chose these Orla Kiely's and Wilf these plimsoles which really remind me of school shoes from when I was a child. They've actually proved to be really great as he can easily do the velcro himself where as he usually gets me to do his shoes normally.

What are your thoughts on school? 

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