What We Wore - Breton stripes

This Saturday we decided that twinning was winning..or I guess tripling? Anyways, somehow we both found ourselves in stripes and Tom had pulled out this jumper for Wilf that morning too, so we were like 'let's just go for it, and be that obnoxious family that match!' ;)

AND be that family that do heel kicks (not me obviously, I wouldn't even get off the ground at the moment!). When we were done taking these pics I even high fived Tom and said 'good job family!' only to turn around and see the local cafe owner laughing at me, I swear the people in our neighbourhood must wonder what on earth we are doing!

Mama - Top / Maternity Jeans / Shoes (c/o Cloggs)
Tom - T-Shirt / Trousers / Boots (c/o Cloggs)
Wilf - Jumper (c/o Mamas and Papas) / Jeans / Shoes (c/o Cloggs)

I had a voucher to spend at Joules recently and love this harbour top with the liberty collar. I thought I should maybe get it the size up but then I would be sad that it would be too big to wear once I was back in my normal size so I got it for 'sometime after the baby is born' but was actually surprised to find it fits really well, for now! 

It also must be some kind of optical illusion as well as I don't look nearly as pregnant as I normally do when I wear it!

I'm actually in the process of growing out my fringe (I know, all the exiting new in this post! ;)) and have just got to that stage where I can successfully sweep and pin it to the side. I'm never 100% sure whether to go for fringe or not, at the moment though I'm going through a 'what would be practical with the baby' kind of mood and I think growing it out might be best for now..we'll see, it's taking forever!

These shoes are just about the perfect thing for pregnant women, no laces! And so comfy as well, I've gotten a lot of compliments about them since I've had them and Wilf loves his as he can actually put them on himself. 

You need a good anchor to ground these daddies sometimes so they don't float away..especially ones full of hot air *boom boom!*

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