A few things you could be doing in your community - also why I love Bristol (again!)

It's no secret I love living in the city of Bristol. Although I've only been here around seven years it feels like it's always been my home and I really can't imagine living anywhere else. I feel so content knowing that although I love visiting new places I don't have any desire to live anywhere else in the country. Bristol is ace!

A huge part of why I love this city is that it is so creative and alternative. Also that each little area of the city feels like a small village in a way that makes you feel like you really know your neighbours and your community. There is also so much culture, with galleries, festivals and local projects it really feels like there are so many opportunities to be creative and involved.

I thought it might be fun to list some of the things we love doing in Bristol to feel part of the community and contribute to projects that take place here. I'd love to hear about what others do also as I'm sure there are so many things I could be getting involved in that I've not heard of!

Something that's at the top of my head this morning is visiting our local city farm, mainly because as soon as Tom is back from the shops that's where we are off for our weekend stroll. We are really lucky that our local city farm is within walking distance to our house but there are actually a few different city farms in Bristol so I think no matter where you live in the city you are bound to be 'fairly' close to one of them. I've never felt the need to raise Wilf out of the city and actually feel like he's going to benefit so much from growing up somewhere where there are so many things going on. That being said I never wanted him to be one of those kids that didn't know where eggs came from so it's great to be able to visit the animals, see the allotments and learn about where his food comes from. We always donate when we visit to the upkeep of the farm and then made sure we have a big fry up in their yummy cafe!

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In the same vein I would also say visiting your local museum is a great way to feel involved. Our museum has art exhibitions on often that Tom and I used to visit together on our lunch break (and whilst writing this I've realised how long it's been since I checked one out!). It also has a children's area with actives as well as all the other amazing thing like the dinosaur section and the slightly scary stuffed animals! Again I always enjoy donating after a visit as it's such an amazing thing to have in your community.

Get involved in local politics and discussions. This is something Tom does more than me admittedly, although of course we are both interested, Tom is much more likely to listen to talks or go to meetings. I think it really helps make you feel like you have a voice and can make a change, even if it's signing petitions.

I'm much more likely to get involved with charities that mean something to me, I've recently been through all our old baby bits and things from when Wilf was smaller to see what we need or really don't need with the new baby arriving. I managed to fill four bags of clothes and slings and bits and bobs that I'm going to be donating to the local charity Baby Bank Bristol.

Let's just look a quick picture of Wilf as a baby shall we? oh my heart!

It's an obvious one but try when you can to shop local. We are lucky where we live that pretty much all the shops on our doorstep are owned by local business with more and more popping up all the time. There's something I love about stopping by at the bakery and having a little chat with the owner before having a coffee in my favourite local coffee shop. Ok I'm sure that makes me sound very middle aged but it's the little things! I love the chat, knowing that you are giving your money to an individual rather than a corporation and that you are supporting business to grow.

So those are just a few things that I tend to do in my day-to-day to feel part of my local community. I'd love to hear what things make you feel involved in your area or any projects you are part of to give back.

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