Me and Mine - September

Yikes October is here already! I'm not going to lie, I've been really really looking forward to Autumn as it marks the countdown to the new baby's arrival (at the end of Autumn). It's generally my favourite season anyway with everyone getting ready for the Christmas holidays and that festival build up and excitement!

I'm starting to feel pretty pregnant with only two months to go so this Me and Mine portrait is very cosy/comfy but I think it depicts how we've all been feeling over the past week or so.

The other day I went to visit a school that Wilf will probably go to next year. I didn't even realise they were doing tours yet but a friend told me last minute so I tagged along. I'm really pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised (very surprised actually!) about how much it put my mind at ease. The school was fantastic and apart from the walk through the cafeteria (which gave me flash backs of my own school experience & made me feel a bit anxious) all I kept thinking was 'he is going to LOVE this!'. It also made me realise that for me (and clearly I'm just talking about my own situation and limitations here) I know I couldn't provide him with the same kind of activities at home. Mainly because I know I don't have the patience or commitment to do as much with him as they clearly do at the school. I loved the fact that 50% of their learning is done outside too, I guess it has been a long while since I was at school and it was quite different from my expectations.

With that in mind I've been thinking a lot about my little boy growing up. I know we only have two short months left with him being our only child, whilst I am very excited about the new arrival and all the love she will bring to our family I'm also conscious its a countdown to the days left just 'me and him'.

Wilf's new obsession this month (or a little longer than this month actually) is My Little Ponies. I think we've only realised this month just how into them he is and it's quite fun to have chats with him where he tells me their names and things about them. His favourite thing is getting me to do a impression of Apple Jack ;)

Next month we should hopefully be getting on with some last minute home improvements which I can't wait to get started and then we'll have to start thinking about things that we'll need for the birth! I've been eyeing the birth ball under the stairs and wondering when it might be fun to take it out, even if to give Wilf a bounce around!

This month I'm sending you over to the ever lovely Katie! Always a pleasure to see what her little family have been up to!

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