Brightening up your home with a pop of colour

With the baby due in eight weeks time and nesting definitely taking hold I am currently obsessed with fixing up our home. We've managed to get some larger jobs done on the house that we've talked about for ages, like replacing windows that had been steamed up (between the double glazing from before we bought the place). To our big plans such as turning our downstairs back into two separate rooms.

I've also been thinking about smaller projects that we can do to brighten up the place. There is the obvious of course like repainting white walls (Tom just re-did the bathroom and we were shocked at what a difference it makes to how much bright the space now looks!). In fact now all our other walls look a bit dull so I'm getting obsessed about re-painting all the white for a cleaner look, yep I told you I was nesting! I love the idea of giving smaller spaces or furniture a make-over to really refresh a room too.
A little while ago I decided to paint Wilf's furniture with different shades of blue to create a more interesting storage unit. It was a really fun project and made such a difference to the room, making it fun and child friendly rather than pine and a bit boring. I chose slightly different shades for each drawer level and was really pleased with how it turned out. Wilf helped me choose the colours too which was a happy medium as he was at the time asking me for a totally blue room which I felt was a bit too much.

This idea of a two tone pink palette in the bedroom is right up my street, I love how the dark cornice separates the two colours and how the lighter colour at the top makes for a brighter space.
I really like the idea of doing something similar with our bedside tables which are quite sixties in design but I think would pop better in a pink or yellow. Luckily Tom is pretty happy with a colourful house and my current obsession for pastels and bright shades (lucky for me!). I'm really taken with this idea of painting exposed brick in two different pastel shades.

What do you think about changing up your home with pops of colour like this as opposed to painting an entire room? Would you add a bold feature wall or do you prefer a more neutral palette? Downloading the Dulux Visualizer app on iTunes or Google Play will help you make these decisions.

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