Me and Mine October

(in case you were wondering my tunic and cardigan are from here and here. Wilf's jacket and boots are here and here and Tom's jacket is from here)

I've been harping on about it for weeks but I LOVE Autumn! Just look at those colours, is there anything prettier than a park full of Autumn leaves in all their shades of reds and oranges? I love it so much! Other things I love about this season is collecting conkers, wearing beanies, putting on slippers as soon as you walk through the door and decorating pumpkins of course!

There is a possibility that this could be our last Me and Mine as a family of three (I'll be in my 39th week in Novembers) I have a feeling this little baba will have me waiting a while. Not sure why to be honest, but I guess it's better to think that way and be surprised by an earlier arrival than think she'll be early and feel like it's dragging on.

This month I've loved embracing the cooler weather with my family, watching films and doing crafts with a cup of hot chocolate never far away. We've been trying to make an effort to do as much fun things as we can with Wilf whilst he is still our only child. Trips to the swimming pool, daddy and Wilfie cinema outings and next week we've planned a little Christmassy break in London to treat him one last time before the new arrival. Wilf's birthday is two weeks into Dec so there is a chance that the baby might be born either on this day or very close if she's late. I'm really conscious I don't want him to feel left out or overshadowed so hopefully he'll appreciate us trying to make an extra effort in these last weeks.

This month I'm sending you over to the lovely Alex. I've loved seeing my co-hosts families grow this year, first Alex, then Lucy (who's little lady arrived this month!) and now the lovely Katie is expecting too! Place your bets now if my little one will arrive in November or December! ;)

p.s Happy Halloween!

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