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(hat, coat)

I feel like this stage of my pregnancy is quite significant as it's the amount of weeks I was when I went on maternity leave with Wilf. Sometimes I think that sounds quite early and sometimes I think that it makes perfect sense. Certainly in the last two weeks I've really been feeling the heaviness and the limitations on my body to do the simplest things. I wrote the the other week about slowing down and it's something I'm going to make a conscious effort to do now.

This time round there is a bit of guilt with not being able to do so much with Wilf and the reliance on Netflix and Tin Tin for getting me through most afternoons. I know it's not going to be forever but I feel like these last few weeks of him being an only child I should be making more of an effort...although if you ask Wilf that probably is what he'd chose to do if asked! I'm grateful for Tom doing the nursery run and also their Thursdays together as I know if i needed to occupy him all week we would both end up in tears after being cooped up together some days.

incase you were wondering where our clothes are from:
Me - Hat , Tunic Dress, Leggings, Raincoat (pass season but this is similar)
Wilf -  Hat, Raincoat was from TKMax but originally Marimekko , Jumper

Symptom-wise I'm still grateful for feeling better than I did in those first few months of pregnancy although leg cramps and heartburn are taking over a little. I've been told epsom salts and tonic water are good remedies so I'm going to give those a go and see if it makes a difference. I remember the leg cramps from my first pregnancy and worrying if I couldn't cope with them how I was going to cope in labour (the truth was the leg cramps were far worse than any labour pain!).

Although I'm going to be taking it easier from now on I've been trying to get out as much as can to see friends when I feel up to it. The other night I was invited to a evening with Nomads Clothing at Harts Bakery and it was great to have a super quick catch up with some of my blogging pals. So good to have an event that was Bristol based and not London too (more of those please!). As you probably know I'm a huge fan of ethical fashion so the brand was really up my street.

I'd not really looked at their line of clothing before, thinking (wrongly!) that it was for a slighter older type of women, although who am I kidding, I'm 30 next month! I was really surprised to see some beautiful fresh designs in amazing prints and fabrics. I actually picked up this dress which I can't wait to wear once the baby is here (during some breastfeeding free hours!). I don't think I own anything made of cord and it would be the perfect Autumn outfit with some tights and boots. Ooh also this skirt if your not a fan of tunic dresses (or need something breasting friendly. Adding to my wish list..)

Niki Groom, Nomads head designer was also there on the night. She is a amazing illustrator and I didn't even notice her doing this picture of me until she placed it in my hands. I absolutely love it so much, especially as it has my bump! Decorators Notebook were also there helping people get their craft on, I didn't get a chance to sit down and made a tassel charm with them as it was a flying visit but their jewellery and homeware was also for sale and is defo something I need to add to my Christmas list.

Other than that I've mainly been enjoying this season with my family. I love this feeling of excitement before the newest little one arrives. It's like the feeling before Christmas times a million (ironically I seem to only be able to have babies born just before Christmas).

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