Me and Mine - November

So our 'Me and Mine' this month was pretty rushed. I had been hoping there would be a new addition to the family by the time the end of the month but looks like I'm having another Decemeber baby!

We took these pictures after taking Wilf out for ice cream with his buddies for a early birthday treat (his birthday is in two weeks but we weren't sure what life would be like then so thought it would be nice to spend the day doing special things with him). We don't usually put up the tree and decorations until December but it was another one of those 'let's spend time on it now rather than seeing what it's like in a week or so'. You'll have to excuse the brown plaster behind me, we've only just finished putting that wall in our living room so the wall and the doors have yet to be painted (hopefully this week depending on when this little lady arrives!).

Out of about twenty pictures we took this was the only one where one of us wasn't a blur (or if I'm honest I wasn't happy with how my chin/s looked - thanks pregnancy!). Wilf was feeling a bit impatient to just get decorating the tree already, especially after all the sugar from his ice-cream trip this was literally the last shot we took with me saying 'can we try one more?'. Sometimes that's life though and although I know it's not a 'perfect' picture I'm still glad I captured us all this month. Especially as next months 'Me and Mine' will definitely have our fourth family member in it!.

This month has been a funny one, for the second part of it we've all sort of been 'waiting'. There's been a lot of me stressing out that things haven't been done 'before the baby arrives' and I was working on the shop until I closed it last week which was a lot more stressful at nine months pregnant than I thought. I actually said to Tom I've been so uptight I think it probably would have been impossible for me to have gone into labour!

It's my 30th birthday today which I keep forgetting about as it just doesn't seem that important at the moment. It also means I can just postpone it until next year and get to be 29 for another year ;) however if this little one decides to arrive today as a birthday present to me that would be fantastic thanks!

What have you guys been up to this month? Did you manage to get a snap together? This month I'm sending you over to Lucy from Capture by Lucy to see what her and her lovely boys have been up to this month!



Last Saturday was a bit of a write off. Tom and I were both snappy, Wilf was being a little unreasonable and for some reason we were unable to keep our cool when it came to any kind of 'naughty behaviour'. Lunch time took two hours and involved tears and threats and I basically felt like a crap mum, we cancelled the treat we'd had planned for the afternoon as a consequence, although in hindsight it was a bit of a over reaction. 

We managed to turn it around by the end of the day with a evening walk and drink at our local pub to blow away the cobwebs and I vowed for Sunday to hold more patience (it did).

At 39 weeks I feel like I'm on the verge of such a big change but not knowing when it's going to happen is driving me a little mad! I feel tired and massive and so ready to have this baby now, I feel guilty that I can't hug my 'almost four year old' as I used to because of how large my tummy is. I feel guilty that I'm not focussing on this baby as much as I did with Wilf in these last days.

 Tomorrow I turn 30 and there are no signs of this baby coming any time soon. Wilf enjoyed a sleep over at his cousins last night to give Tom and I a little break and I did wonder if his absence might start things off (it's hard to be super chilled around when you are focussing on mama duties). It's silly but I had so wanted this little girl to arrive whilst I was still in my twenties but I'm making a vow now to stop thinking about 'when' and just try to enjoy these last days with Wilf and I as much as I can.

Wilf's birthday is actually a week after I'm due so I will have either had had a baby or be overdue and because of that we've decided to do something special for him today instead so we can really focus on him. We'll still have his cake and presents on the actual day but as soon as he's dropped back home from his aunties house we're off for ice-cream with his buddies and then spending the afternoon putting up the tree.

Next week I have a massage and acupuncture booked in just to give myself something to do more than anything! We'll see if that starts anything but in my heart I know I just have to have patience. Babies come when they are ready and there's not much I can do about that.

Any tips for keeping sane during these last days of pregnancy? Any tips for what brought on your labour? I'd love to hear them!

p.s incase you were wondering Wilf's coat and trousers in the bottom two pictures are from here (and on sale) and his coat in the top pic was from Yellow Lolly but is no longer in stock (sorry!). 


Black Friday Wish Lists

Being 39 weeks pregnant and being told at my last midwife appointment that I shouldn't expect to go into labour anytime soon (apparently the baby is even less engaged and she'd expect me to go at least a week over..*weeps*)

So all I've been doing over the past couple of days is internet shop. This baby better come soon or I'll be penniless! I thought I'd share some of my favourite sale picks (as it is Black Friday after all). Hope you like them!

black friday sale picks bode joules clarks cath kidston

1, Orla Angelina (all the Orla Kiely for Clarks shoes are now 50% off - I want this pair so bad!)

2, I seem to have become obsessed with PJ's lately! mainly because getting into bed at night it sometimes I look forward to all day lately. Plus I know I'm going to be in them for a few days post birth and you still want to feel nice don't you? Love these ones from Cath Kidston.

3, I'm really loving LaRedoute lately. They used to be a big part of my childhood as they were the only place my mum would order from via catalogue. I remember pouring over it and imaging what I'd buy when I was a grown up. I love this bag and it's currently 50% off.

4, I saw this dress at the Boden Christmas press day and fell in love. It comes in black too and feel so 60's and perfect for the season.  I really miss fitting into normal clothes!

5, This coat, ALL the love for this coat

black friday sale picks for children

1, Guards Kids knitted jumper (40% off selected items at Cath Kidston

2, I've wanted a BlaBla doll since I was pregnant with Wilf, I can never decide which design I love the most but this unicorn is amazing!

3, Want/Need this dress in my size, but might have to buy it in a one year old size in advance

4, I love these A Mini Penny necklaces from my friend Morganna's shop, I can't decide which one I love more this one or the giraffe, or the elephant, or..

5, Another Cath Kidston find but oh so cute

6, Another of my favourite indie shops is having a big sale, we got this Fisher Price camera for Wilf from there a couple of Christmases ago!

7, I have this little Christmas jumper for the baby! Can't wait to put her in it. 


My pregnancy, labour and postpartum essentials

Now that I'm only a week-ish away from my due date I thought it might be fun to share some of my 'essentials' when it comes to pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Obviously this is just my opinion and what I found helped me and not a definitive list but I hope you might find it useful!pregnancy essentials
Pregnancy Essentials

1, Bravado - Body Silk seamless nursing bra - When I was pregnant with Wilf I tended to just choose the cheapest options for nursing bras and not really do much research. I figured I wouldn't need them for 'that' long. In fact I ended up breastfeeding for two and a half years so I really should have just gone for the best quality to begin with, after all you're wearing them everyday! This time round I've tried a few bras from both Medela and Bravado, I have to say I prefer the Bravado ones but of the three styles I've tried I also much prefer the Body Silk seamless nursing bra. Towards the end of my pregnancy my diaphragm is much bigger so I've had to add a bra extender but I've been told after birth it should go down a little and fit perfectly again.

2, Pregnancy pillow - I didn't buy one of these until my third trimester but I wish I'd got my act together a bit sooner to be honest. It's definitely improved my sleep and whats more it acts as a barricade for a certain little 'almost four year olds' legs against my tummy when he climbs into our bed at night. I ended up buying the Theraline after hearing good things from friends, I imagine there isn't much between them but I have no complaints!

3, Gap maternity tops - Gap is the only place I've found that does long enough maternity tops. I have a longer torso and so with every other company I've found that tops are almost immediately not long enough, even in the early stages of pregnancy. I'd really recommend stocking up with a few of these, they are nice and stretchy too!

4, Slip on flats - These ones are from Toms but basically any easy to put on flats will do. If you're pregnant in the winter months you might need to go for some Ugg type boots to keep out the wet. I wasn't able to put my shoes on with ease from about 6 months. My feet have also swelled a little so shoes made of fabric that can stretch are a winner!

5, Gaviscon - not very glamorous but something I glug on daily, get the Peppermint flavour its the only one that's bearable!

6, A pregnancy bath soak. For when you feel like a bit of relaxing in the bath with a magazine. I love this one from Natalia 

7, Headache Strips - I suffered from really bad migraine in my first trimester (along with all day sickness, oh the joy!) and the only thing that helped were these strips, you can get them from pretty much any pharmacy.

Labour essentials

labour essentials

OK so clearly this is going to differ from person to person so I can only say what really helped me!

1, A stool - random one I know but I accidentally discovered in my labour with Wilf how much I LOVED being in the shower. We have a stand alone shower and so I able to just close the door bring in a stool and direct the shower head onto my contractions. It helped so much I was able to sit on the stool and have little naps. You can pick up a cheap one like this one from IKEA

2, A heat pack - I had lower back ache for a while during my previous labour and this was a brilliant relief from that sort of ache.

3, Hypnobirthing - I had this book by Marie Mongan and I also listening to the 'rainbow relaxation' CD. You can read more about my hypnobirthing experience here but I really do credit it for helping me having a super chilled and pain free labour.

4, Birth pool - even if you're not planning a home birth I still think it would be great to have a birth pool at home as labouring at home for as long as possible is recommended with most births. We bought the pool and full kit from La Bassine here which comes with everything you need

5, Isotonic drinks - This is literally all I had in labour as well as water. I did try to eat some toast at one point but it didn't agree with me and I found swigging from these drinks really brilliant at keeping my energy levels up!

6, Aromatherapy oils - I chose to differentiate between Clary Sage for speeding up contractions and Lavender to Calm. You can burn them using an oil burner (although you can't do this in a hospital I imagine you could probably put some on a flannel?). 

Additionally I'd also say a good calming play list to listen to. A darkened room, maybe some fairy lights or candles and some mats of cushions to kneel and lie on in-between contractions.


postpartum essentials

1, Arnica Cream - Arnica is such amazing stuff, it's really useful to just have around the house but it's amazing for bruising 'down there' after giving birth!

2, Cabbage leaves - Whether you breastfeed or not your milk will come in after a couple of days and your boobs will probably feel massive and hot. The best thing I found for this was cold cabbage leaves!

3, Nursing Pads - I've recently stocked up on these in bulk, it all depends on how much milk you produce I suppose but I still needed to wear them 18 months on due to a very full milk supply! I found some brands quite itchy and uncomfortable and really got on with the Lansinoh brand.

4, On that note, Lansinoh Lanolin Cream - essential for cracked or sore nipples (I'm really selling this whole after birth to you aren't I!).

5, Nice PJ's - You'll be recovering in bed and around the home for the first few days and there is nothing nicer than clean sheets and new PJ's!

6, Maternity Pads - very unglamorous but very necessary (sorry!)

So that's it off the top of my head!
What would you add? 


Cook 4 Me

A few weeks ago I headed up to London for an afternoon of cooking with some of my favourite blogging pals. I have to admit when the invite initially landed in my inbox I thought that anything to do with me actually cooking wasn't really going to work. I'm not THAT bad, I'm just it doesn't really come naturally to me and my signature dish is pretty much pasta..

Luckily we were going to be aided by Tefal's new gadget, a 'Cook 4 Me'.

In a nutshell the Cook 4 Me is pretty much the opposite of a slow cooker in that in cooks your dinner fast, super fast! On the day we demonstrated this by cooking a risotto in 8 minutes, something I've replicated since then a couple of times at home. Usually I love the idea of something like risotto but am put off with the fact it takes about 40 minutes of slowly string in wine (Tom would argue this is what he likes about cooking, hiding in the kitchen drinking the wine whilst he's making it ;)).

We were lucky enough to be supplied a machine to take home with us and I thought I'd share a simple meal I made with Wilf using it. Although this meal is listed as a starter in the recipe book I thought it was the perfect weather for a hearty stew. This recipe was for a sausage and bean stew but I replaced the sausages with Quorn ones for a veggie option.

(a little bite taken out by a certain 3 year old before I got to take a pic!)

The machine has a set of inbuilt recipes that you can follow or you can set it to manual and use it like a pressure cooker.

After the stew we decided to make some chocolate molton puddings. This was one of the deserts we made together on the day and I was so impressed with how easy and quickly they could be used by the machine steaming them.

Because I have baby brain I forgot to actually cover these ones with foil before they started steaming but they still worked out OK! The below picture is of the ones we made on the day with Tefal and we also made a poached pear pudding in red wine in less than ten minutes too!

My little helper, all covered in chocolate!

I'm SO impressed with this gadget and I think it will be the perfect thing for when the new baby is born, quick and easy dinners but made from scratch!

I received a 'Tefal Cook 4 Me' for review per purposes but all words and thoughts are my own



In these last few days of pregnancy I've been thinking more and more on the end of us as a family of three. More so the end of Wilf being our only child and the most important thing in our lives. Of course we already love this little baby in my tummy and she is already part of our family but its different to the type of love you feel when your child is actually born.

I know its normal to feel like you can't quite imagine how you could love another child just as much as you love your first. I think that's because the intensity of the love you feel as a parent is pretty indescribable, it's hard to work out how that can double but I guess it doesn't double, it's spread.

I've found myself worrying about how Wilf will take becoming a big brother, of having to share that love. I really clearly remember becoming a big sister myself, I was five and a half when my first little sister came along. Until then it had been me and my big brother, a brother that completely doted on me and loved his role as older sibling and I was used to being the youngest and the only girl.

I guess it was probably a combination of my age, the type of person I am and possibly how my parents handled the situation but I remember feeling like my whole world had fallen apart. I felt pushed out and replaced (which probably had something to do with having a younger sibling of the same sex) I couldn't work out why my parents would need another girl when they had me (I know, I know).

Like most things in my parenting journey i'm keen not to let me own experiences dictate how I treat Wilf but it's hard sometimes not to. In many ways my bad experience of school for example has made me really nervous for Wilf starting school next year. I want to be positive about him not having the same experiences in the same way I don't want to assume he will feel the same way about our new addition as I did when I stopped being the youngest child.

The past few weeks have had their off days, I'm tired, Wilf I guess is aware we on the cusp of a massive change and we are clashing. I snap and get exasperated and then when he is in bed I shed tears of guilt about how I could have dealt with the situation better.

In general I do try my best to see the positive over the negative in life so although I have these worries and niggles I'm also incredibly excited about seeing Wilf with his sibling. In my day dreams I imagine my children having the same relationship as myself and my big brother and although I know there will be testing times I know they will love each other and be grateful for each other.  I get a flutter of excitement when I picture them first meeting each other and Wilf has shown me nothing but enthusiasm when we talk about his sister arriving.

My beautiful boy, I hope you always know how loved you are. I can't wait to see you become a big brother, I just know you will be the best big brother there is. Your little sister is so lucky to have you and we can't wait to love her too. 


Brighter kitchen spaces


Since finishing up the building work in our living space our house has really started to take shape and look like the place envisioned all those years ago when we bought it. Sometimes I used to feel annoyed with all the work we needed to do to our home and regretted buying a 'fixer upper', but when I see the result of all the saving and waiting and DIY to get here I feel really proud that we were able to put our own stamp on it. Even if it's taking five years (and counting!).

The one thing we have led to do is really do up our kitchen. We're also looking to extend our the space through to what would have been the back bathroom which is hopefully something we can realise next year. Although with the baby due any day now I think we'll be leaving any further renovations for a few months at least.

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Zazzle at Christmas!

1, Most wonderful time of the year card
2, Glitter wrapping paper 
3, Happiest holidays card
4, Watercolour painting calendar 
5, Customised stocking
6, Holiday cheer gift tag

I have another gift list with you this month from the folks at Zazzle! Christmas is my favourite favourite time of year, even more so since I became a parent. I often think that having a child has given me a fresh excitement and joy for the holiday season and as Wilf gets older it just gets better.

This year of course we will have added a new addition to the family by the time the 25th rolls around, which makes this time of year even more exciting! Mince pie in hand (literally, I've been eating about three a day mmm) I set out to browse the site for some of my top Christmas picks. I hope you like the ones I've chosen, I think my favourite of the bunch has to be that beautiful stocking.

Have you checked out the Zazzle Christmas range yet?

btw you can see my baby wish list here if you like

in association with Zazzle 


Our stay at the Merino Apartments

I wrote a few days ago about our last little trip away as a family of three. With the baby arriving anyway now (oh my god) we knew that at eight months pregnant this was our last chance for a little special break.

I love London in the Autumn and as I had some work appointments due it made sense to try and combine these with hanging out with my boys in the city too. You can read a bit more about what we got up to here

We were lucky enough to stay at Orchard Way, one of the apartments in the Merino Hospitality group.

We were really interested to stay in this particular property out of the the four they own as it's the first one to have been designed by previous guests. A really interesting (and probably quite brave) concept. I have to admit that the bold prints and wall decals are not something I'd ordinarily be drawn to but somehow they really really work in this beautiful space.

After a busy morning we checked into our pad and decided it was so perfectly cosy we didn't really want to head out after that. Tom picked up some bits from the shops round the corner and we settled in for the evening. The aesthetics of the property are modern but homely, with all the mod-cons you can think of (Sonos, Netflix, movement censored LED night lights and underfloor heating).

Upon arrival we were met with a welcome basket of wine, juice, eggs, bread and all the basics you can think of as well as luxury toiletries that this pregnant lady was very thankful for.

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Why have a home birth?

why have a home birth

I've been meaning to write this post for months and months but somehow never really got round to it. I think it was because actually I wanted to do a video also to explain my reasons for choosing to have my babies at home but it turns out I'm not much of a 'vlogger' so I thought I might as well just get on with writing out some of my thoughts instead.

I should start by saying that the perfect place for you to have your baby is where you feel the most comfortable. For some that might be a hospital, for some a birth centre and for some at home. Personally I don't feel particularly relaxed in a medical environment and much prefer the comfort of my own home.

There is often a lot of talk about if homebirths are a 'safe' option and I totally get where people get this worry or misconception from.  The media and programs like OBEM sensationalise birth and it's often treated like a very risky and medical situation when in reality medical interventions should really be the exception and not the norm. Clearly some pregnancies and births are not straight forward but for a low risk pregnancy NICE guidelines actually recommend the safest place to have your baby is a midwife led unit and the safest place for second time births is actually at home.

Susan Bewley, (Professor of Complex Obstetrics at King’s College London who chaired the group responsible for the NICE guidelines) says '"Some women may prefer to have their baby at home or in a midwife-led unit because they are generally safer - that is their right and they should be supported in that choice. But, if a woman would prefer to have her baby in a hospital because it makes her feel ‘safer’, that is also her right. Giving birth is a highly personal experience and there is no ‘one size fits all’ model that suits all women.
“What’s important is that women and their families are given the most up-to-date information based on the best available evidence so that they can make an informed decision about where the mother gives birth to her child.”

That aside my decision to have Wilf and now this baby in my own home was mainly based on wanting to be in control. In my own home I can light candles, burn aromatherapy oils, dance around my living room, walk up and down my stairs, lean on my sofa, use my pool, or my bath or my shower and most importantly for me, be tucked up in my own bed after giving birth with a cup of tea and mince pie! (I have Christmas babies). I also remember reflecting after Wilf's birth that I was so 'in the zone' during labour that having my labour be interrupted to transfer to a hospital or birth centre would have totally thrown me. I had basically created some sort of birthing Christmas grotto with cushions and fairy lights whilst listening to Leonard Cohen on my birth ball. To have to leave that to face broad daylight, sit in a car and talk to other people was a really hard vision to imagine. 

I think the main thing with birth choices is to be informed, whatever type of birth you are having be it a c-section or a home birth I think it's really important to know your rights, even if it's just little things to make you feel more comfortable. A friend of mine recently had her second planned c-section and told me she had previously no idea she was allowed to ask to have skin to skin, only discovering the things she was able to ask for after hearing about 'gentle c-sections'. Another said that discovering she was allowed to dim the lights in the hospital room helped her feel more relaxed but she wouldn't have known she was allowed to without finding out before hand.
It's interesting preparing for a second home birth, the first time round I did often feel like I was often defending my choices. Not actually to health professionals funny enough but more just the general public, family and friends. I was mostly met with 'yer you wait and see what it's like' or an abundance of horror stories. At 25 I felt like people thought I was young and niave and that my positivity towards birth was something that I would regret or should feel foolish about. This time round I've not had anyone question my choices or suggest that my birth experience will be anything other than I how I envision it to be. That's not to say that it might be different, birth is unpredictable and you can never guarantee how it will go, however I do think it's important to approach it with a positive mental attitude and to remember that this is what our bodies are designed to do and that you will be able to do it! 
I've written about Wilf's home birth here and also my experience of practising hypo-birth for a calm and pain free labour. 


Christmas decoration wish list with HomeSense

I love Christmas. It really is my most favourite time of the year and I'm not ashamed to say I start to get excited about it just as soon as November has arrived. Christmas means cosy, it means mulled wine, crackers and stilton, snuggling up on the sofa with your nearest and dearest and of course decorating your home for the season.

I love the ritual of getting the tree and the decorations down from the loft (yes we have a fake one). I remember clearly making paper chains with my dad and siblings and arguing with my mum over whether we could hang the tinsel we so loved around the place (at the time I thought she was being a scrooge, now I totally get it, we are a tinsel free zone too ;)).

Christmas is a the time when my first child was born (just a few days before) and it's now the time we await our second. It's a really special time for my family for sure.

I thought it would be fun to pick out some of my favourite decorations from HomeSense. Although we have tons and tons of ornaments for the tree I totally go overboard each year picking up new additions. We're not the type of family to have a 'theme' for our tree, its more like the most colourful and packed with fun the better!

I love these felt animal decorations, especially the spotty deer, they are only £2.99 as well. How cute is the pom pom garland too, which are the same price as the felt animal decorations.

I love these candle holders, in my favourite colour (turquoise) but with a pearly sheen and together with the white makes for a lovely holiday feeling. There's nothing more comforting than the glow of a candle, even better if it has a Christmassy scent (my favourite is spiced apple). You can get these for £6.99.

I love the idea of these felt garlands to use on the tree instead of tinsel (did I mention I hate tinsel?) they also come in at £6.99

Last but not least, what about this turquoise origami penguin decoration? Why not hey? This one is a bit pricey at £5.99 but still really good value for tree decorations I think, and certainly unique!

As always stock in HomeSense differs from store to store but I'd defo recommend popping in to see what they have! We're off to our local one next week to pick up some new decorations for the tree this year, I'm sure we'll come away with much more than that though, always the way!

in association with HomeSense 


Our last weekend away as a family of three, Autumn in London

Last week my little gang accompanied me to the city for a couple of days away for a last trip as a family of three. I had a couple of events I wanted to attend and being eight months pregnant I knew it was going to be a bit of a struggle on my own (not to mention the very real chance of actually going into labour!). We also thought it would be nice to fit in some touristy bits with Wilf before his life changes forever.

We visited a couple of press days (see my Boden post here) and had lunch in one of our favourite places, Vapianos (mmmm all the pasta!) and then headed to our hotel to chill out. It was so nice to take things easy after a busy morning so we pretty much camped in our suite and got room service and chilled out. We even had breakfast in our room the next morning in truly lazy style, there is something so indulgent about room service! I love that I get to share trips like this with my favourite people and that Tom is always so up for supporting me with my work.

mothercare press day 2016

(Tom modelling a hat at the Mothercare press day ;))

little bird by jools spring summer 2016
little bird by jools spring summer 2016

Some treats from the new Little Bird by Jools range for Spring / Summer!

The next day I had an appointment at the Excel centre so Tom took Wilf round Trinity Buoy Wharf and for pancakes and a milkshake at Fatboy's Dinner. He took my camera and these snaps for me so he could show me what they had got up to. Apparently Wilf was directing him on the angle he should take them from and posing for him, such a bloggers child!

fat boys dinner trinity buoy wharf
trinity buoy wharf
trinity buoy wharf
trinity buoy wharf

The DLR was actually not running due to strikes so we got to take the cable car over the river which was a real treat. In fact we loved it so much we went on it twice, it is a bit weird when you think about what is holding you up there keeping you from falling but the views were amazing!

trinity buoy wharf
trinity buoy wharf

After a busy morning we headed to Covent Garden and the place we were staying for our next night (blog post to follow on that as otherwise this post will become way too picture heavy!). We rounded off our trip the next day with a trip to the Natural History Museum (Wilf's choice) which he absolutely loved. We've been for the past couple of years but he really really got into it this year which was amazing to see and lovely to spend some quality time with him without getting distracted by everyday life.

We actually went away whilst some building work was being done to our house and it's finally been finished today which is such a great feeling. It's been a bit chaotic so it's nice to really focus on nesting and preparing for the new ones arrival in the next few weeks! I'm actually full term in a couple of days so realistically it could be any day now, eek!

I've been doing a weekly pregnancy diary over on Cosatto's blog if you wanted to catch up with any pregnancy posts over there too! 


Karl Lagerfeld for Melijoe

Karl Largerfeld for Melijoe
I've been working with Melijoe for the past six months on some of my favourite picks from their store. (You can see these posts here is you fancy it!) I love children's fashion and it's been interesting to see at the beginning of this series I didn't know the sex of this baby yet. I was pretty sure she was a girl though so I was getting drawn to the dress section of the site..and after finding out I was right it's been really fun to window shop in the girls section at last!

Melijoe have teamed up with designer Karl Lagerfeld for an exclusive kids collection. It's one that's totally up my street as I love most thing cat related and I think monochrome on children is a brilliant. Just look at those little baby booties and that bag! You can see the full sellection here as well as lots of added extras like animated films and competitions.

This is my last post for the store so I hope you've enjoyed seeing my top picks from their ranges each month!

What do you think of the new collaboration?
in association with Melijoe


Boden Spring Summer 2016

Boden spring summer 2016

One of the things I love about my line of work is press days, I love catching up with the brands I've worked with during the year, seeing the new lines and socialising with my fellow blogger friends. It's often a great excuse to get out of Bristol and up to the big city for a child free night away too! When it comes to the new seasons the brand I'm always so excited to see is Boden, having missed A/W 15 because I was in the midst of terrible morning sickness I knew I wanted to make S/S 16 even though I am now 8 months pregnant.

That being the case Tom and Wilf were kind enough to accompany me to the show (y'know in case I went into labour or something ;)) and we decided to make a few days of it in the capital as a final little break before we become a family of four.

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