Me and Mine - November

So our 'Me and Mine' this month was pretty rushed. I had been hoping there would be a new addition to the family by the time the end of the month but looks like I'm having another Decemeber baby!

We took these pictures after taking Wilf out for ice cream with his buddies for a early birthday treat (his birthday is in two weeks but we weren't sure what life would be like then so thought it would be nice to spend the day doing special things with him). We don't usually put up the tree and decorations until December but it was another one of those 'let's spend time on it now rather than seeing what it's like in a week or so'. You'll have to excuse the brown plaster behind me, we've only just finished putting that wall in our living room so the wall and the doors have yet to be painted (hopefully this week depending on when this little lady arrives!).

Out of about twenty pictures we took this was the only one where one of us wasn't a blur (or if I'm honest I wasn't happy with how my chin/s looked - thanks pregnancy!). Wilf was feeling a bit impatient to just get decorating the tree already, especially after all the sugar from his ice-cream trip this was literally the last shot we took with me saying 'can we try one more?'. Sometimes that's life though and although I know it's not a 'perfect' picture I'm still glad I captured us all this month. Especially as next months 'Me and Mine' will definitely have our fourth family member in it!.

This month has been a funny one, for the second part of it we've all sort of been 'waiting'. There's been a lot of me stressing out that things haven't been done 'before the baby arrives' and I was working on the shop until I closed it last week which was a lot more stressful at nine months pregnant than I thought. I actually said to Tom I've been so uptight I think it probably would have been impossible for me to have gone into labour!

It's my 30th birthday today which I keep forgetting about as it just doesn't seem that important at the moment. It also means I can just postpone it until next year and get to be 29 for another year ;) however if this little one decides to arrive today as a birthday present to me that would be fantastic thanks!

What have you guys been up to this month? Did you manage to get a snap together? This month I'm sending you over to Lucy from Capture by Lucy to see what her and her lovely boys have been up to this month!

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