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Like many people Disney played a huge part in my childhood. When I was a small child the yearly Disney movie would come out just before my birthday and so it was always my birthday treat to go with my family to watch the new realise before a special birthday tea. The first Disney movie I ever remember watching was The Little Mermaid. it was for my fifth birthday and I still remember the magical feeling I felt leaving the cinema. How I would draw pictures of mermaids for months afterwards. Similarly I have such strong memories of first seeing the Lion King, how it felt like my heart was actually breaking during Mufasa's death, looking over and seeing tears in my dads eyes too.

My mum often didn't accompany us to the cinema, I have younger siblings and she was usually at home with a baby or probably glad of a couple of hours of peace but I do remember her coming to see Toy Story with us. We were all completely spell bound by it and it's a testament to the films that they are still being enjoyed by children today. Toy Story actually is Wilf's favourite Disney movie, his favourite is Toy Story 2 because thats when we meet Jessie (his favourite) and I still swear that Toy Story 3 is probably one of the greatest films ever made. I was 24 when that came out and I still went to see it in the cinema (this time with 3D glasses) and I still had to hold back sobs (the bit at the end, oh my gosh).

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You can imagine then that when I heard about DisneyLife I was pretty excited. Essentially it's a subscription service much like Netflix etc but it's all about Disney. Unlike other subscription sites though it will also stream books and music alongside films and TV shows.

You can also download the content from DisneyLife to watch offline (making it perfect for long journeys when traveling and away from the internet). Currently it's only available in the UK and will cost £9.99 a month.

With the new baby this will be the perfect time for a little Disney distraction for Wilf so we will let you know how we get on with it in a few months time!

P.S I even ended up making a Disney themed Pinterest board if you fancy following along!

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