Mabli Kittiwake Quinn

Mabli Kittiwake Quinn (pronounced Mab-lee Kitty-wake) - arrived on the 5th of December at 10pm - born at home in water. Our hearts are so full, our little family is complete. Wilf calls her 'mab-a-lee kitten' and it's stuck. Our little kitten with the best big brother

I'll be back with a proper post soon but I wanted to share these quick phone snaps I've taken of our life over the past six days. We are getting used to life with a newborn again & all the madness that brings! Having said that things are going pretty well so far, I don't want to jinx anything but breastfeeding is going well and my own recovery is going pretty well too. Apart from being very sleep deprived (if only you didn't need to sleep to survive, this newborn phase would be so easy right?) and a few day five blues I think we are all doing great!

Wilf is so great with his sister and the first thing he said upon meeting her was 'please can I hold her?". He gives her kisses and cuddles whenever he can and is so gentle around her too. I feel like my heart will explode whenever i think about them together. I can't stop thinking about how lucky we are.

I also wanted to express just how thankful I am for Tom. For always supporting me in my choices with an open mind & positivity . For all the 'behind the scenes' you don't see with a homebirth, (including emptying the pool the next morning ) I couldn't have done it without him. For being that person to lean on, literally. For always making sure there is a cup of tea & nourishing food just when I need it. For being sleep deprived but still managing to have enthusiasm to entertain a 4 year old & make sure he doesn't feel left out during these crazy first days. I don't know where I'd be without his support.

With Wilf I suffered from postnatal depression so I didn't really get to appreciate him or my new baby quite so much in those first weeks. I feel so loved up this time round that even three hours broken sleep a night doesn't seem all that bad!

Thanks for all your lovely messages on my social media. I was overwhelmed with your lovely messages. If you don't mind a bit of baby spam then do keep up with my latest pics over on IG!

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