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I am most definitely a Christmas person. I love everything about this time of year and with Wilf's birthday just a few days before hand and now the new babies arrival too, December is always going to be a magical month for our family.

We really like to hunker down and hibernate over the days around Christmas day, watch festive films, eat too much and play board games with a glass of bucks fizz in hand. We also try to make sure that the fridge and freezer are stocked full of easy meals to eat around this time as well as making use of left overs. I try and pre-make some easy meals like macaroni cheese, chilli or a curry so that we can just pop them in the microwave and spend as much time relaxing and enjoying our family as possible.  This year with having a newborn we asked for our Christmas gift from Tom's mum to be 'Cook' vouchers which has been the best gift yet, we're still working through them and have a black forest gateau to get to mmm.

I'd say my best tip would be, get cosy but make sure you are leaving the house at some point, even for a little stroll to blow the cobwebs away. I know Tom get's a bit cranky if he doesn't get fresh air and a stretch of his limbs daily. Plus there is nothing nicer than getting in from the cold to a hot chocolate and a mince pie! It's also really important for Wilf to have a run around too (I'm making my family sound like dogs that need a walk!)

We try and stagger our present opening so it's not over all at once, especially if there are quite a few. I remember Christmas when Wilf had just turned one and he seemed to have so much stuff from us and all our family it was quite overwhelming. We ended up staggering them through the day and even kept a couple for a few days later. That way he really appreciated and played with the ones he had opened and still got to get excited about the ones to open later in the day.

I also try and make sure we are giving over the holidays. So with all the new toys coming in Wilf and I will go through his toys and decide if there are some he'd like to pass on donate. We did this recently and I was so impressed with how generous he was, even if one softie changed his mind moments before entering the charity shop and came back to live with us. Likewise I recently donated a few bags of my clothes so that I didn't feel too bad treating myself to any in the sales!

We don't tend to send Christmas cards, largely because we are unorganised and lazy (we still have a stack of thank you cards from our wedding, all stamped but forgotten to post!). This gives us the excuse to donate the money we would have spent on cards and stamps to give to a charity of our choice. Last year I chose Mothers for Mothers and this year I'm thinking of giving to One25, both amazing charities doing such good work for women in my area.

TSB have compiled their '12 tips of Christmas' helping you to make the most of your pennies this Christmas. What tips would you add?

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