Life lately and some of my favourite baby bits

Hey friends!

I hope you forgive me sporadic posting, somehow days fly by and suddenly a week has passed already. It's an amazing ability of a newborn to totally shake up your routine and consume your entire day. I'm not complaining though, we really are drinking up these first magical weeks.

I wanted to drop in quickly to say that we've been blown away by the kindness of readers & companies big and small on the news of our littlest arrival. From bouquets of the beautifulest blooms to thoughtful gestures of sweetest baby blankets and rompers. Whilst Mabli is still in little newborn clothes she can't yet fit in these lovely items but I'll be sure to share over on my IG as soon as she is, I guess this is just a little collective shout out to say thanks to everyone that's sent their love, and of course to you guys for your lovely comments, it really really makes my day!

I have to admit I am indulging in being able to wrap my baby up in florals and pastels this time round. I'm also looking forward to the time when she will be old enough to fit into the sweet little dresses (clearly, boys can also wear florals and pastels and whatever they like but you know what I mean!). As a longtime fan of Cath Kidston I did do a little squeal when this package arrived and also so thoughtful of them to send something for Wilf too!

You can shop these items here, they currently have 50% off too. I'm really tempted by this rucksack style change bag which would be brilliant when wearing the sling.

Some other bits I've been enjoying lately are:

1, Sleepyhead Deluxe - I bought this on a whim with some John Lewis vouchers I had as I'd heard really good reviews from a few people. We've actually used it on the floor of our living room mostly with the IKEA baby gym over it for her to look at (I know she can't see all that much yet but she does focus on the black and white ones). I've used it a bit in bed but mostly I end up falling asleep feeding her in my arms like with Wilf so although she starts off in there I'm quite rubbish at putting her back in. I do think its a great product for those who are co-sleeping though as it gives you that extra reassurance about them being safe and secure in one place and I think she likes how its snuggles around her and feels like she is being cradled. I'll keep you updated if it helps with sleep but at four weeks I think it's pretty rare for babies to sleep for great lengths of time at this point!

2, Wool Nest from moKee - We've used this as our moses basket this time round as I loved the aesthetics and also the ethos of the company. It came in pretty much the same or cheaper as the moses baskets we'd seen and fits with the style of our home so much better. I'd show you a proper picture of ours in situ soon but we went for the design above (although I love the yellow one too). They also make some pretty cute tipis for older kids!

3, Nuna Leaf rocker - Another John Lewis purchase and mainly bought for aesthetic reasons as I didn't like the bright colours and illustrations on most rockers! I did read some good reviews about it though and I like that the design is shaped to mimic being cradled and rocked as they would in your arms.

We've also been using the Snuzpod co-sleeper which I'll do a proper post about shortly and the Ergo sling to carry the baby as well as our new pram. I'm thinking of getting a stretchy wrap too though if you have any suggestions and recomendations of products that you couldn't live without during those newborn days!

I can't believe our last little baby is already a month old! 

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