Me and Mine January

Another set of indoor photos this month because oh-my-gosh it's so hard to take photos in the winter! We can't really do outdoor ones anywhere interesting because it would involve getting the baby out the sling and always seems like such a faff (especially when it's grey and rainy and cold!). I've been grumbling to Tom about it so much that he's probably wishing on the spring just so I can stop going on about it ;)

So anyway this month we all piled into Wilf's room which happens to get the most light and Wilf stood on a stool so we could all get into shot. We've had a really brilliant month despite the rain and even though Mabli was born at the start of Dec it sort of feels like our first month into parenting two because the first four weeks were such a haze. Add to that all the Christmas festivities and it didn't really feel real almost!

I've mentioned before that Tom and I are sharing Maternity/Paternity leave which actually means he is going to be home with us for a good few months. Its a decision we are so so grateful we've been able to make work as it's meant that so far things have really been fairly easy. Obviously there is still sleep deprivation which makes days feel a bit tough and add to that the closing of the shop and being back at work very early on it's sometimes felt exhausting but really it's been going very well. I do feel like a very lucky mama indeed to be able to wake up at 8.30am with tea and toast every morning whilst Tom plays with Wilf from 6!

On that note, with Tom home we've been able to make sure that Wilf never really wants for attention at all. If anything he's getting more than ever as they go off on their father/son activities in the morning whilst I spend sometime with the baby. With school starting in September (I feel emotional just thinking about that!) it's so nice for them to get this quality time together now.

I can't believe that 8 weeks have gone by since having Mabli and it feels like she was always here. She's slotted in so easily and is a very calm little soul. Wilf is really enjoying showing her off to pretty much everyone we meet, he's already discussing sleeping arrangements for when they eventually share a room!

I'm so happy to be co-hosting Me and Mine again this year as I just know it's going to fly by and it's been so lovely to look back over last years pics! 

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