Valentine Gift Guides for Him & Her

So Tom will back me up on the fact that I may be pretty bad at gift buying.. I once got him a book all about how to cook different types of egg dishes..a book I got given for free at an event. Yep panic gift giving at it's best. To be fair I think I was 6 months into motherhood and frankly had left his birthday to the last minute and then hadn't had enough sleep to even work out what was an acceptable gift these days..I did kinda know that a book about eggs was a bit lame though ;)

Tom on the over hand is pretty stellar at gift giving (which makes me feel even worse!). We sort of stopped buying valentines gifts when we became parents but Tom continues to make me a cards from him and Wilf (and I guess Mabli too this year maybe). I actually did buy Tom a gift this year round because it was something I genuinely knew he wanted and that was the Adidas shoes in the pic below but I also picked out some other items I thought might work well. 

Adidas Originals
Nathan Breton Jumper (get a further 10% off with TLQSALE10)
Paraphernalia organic T Shirt - This T is from our friend Laurence and Tom actually has another of the designs. They are amazing quality and really unique designs (plus you'd be supporting an indie business).
Chunky cable knit hat
Skagen watch

Women's gift buying on the other hand is something I think I'm pretty good at..as long as its something I'd buy for myself. So basically if you have the same taste as me..you're sorted ;)

Dolly dress (I'd have to live vicariously through anyone getting this dress as I couldn't breastfeed in it but I love the sixties vibe and cute yellow pop!)
Griffen Mia shoes
Geometric Necklace - isn't this amazing??

Hope you liked my picks!

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