Breastfeeding friendly outfits

Dress / Bag

I thought I'd share a couple of styles of clothing I've been getting a lot of use out lately because of their breastfeeding friendliness. The first is the wrap dress, the go-to for breastfeeding mums I think! I'm much more of a dress or tunic over leggings girl than a jeans and tee girl, mainly because I have never found a pair to fit my shape (which is a pear) I honestly find them SO hard to wear, I'm really envious of people that can just throw a pair on.

Wrap dresses were a life saver first time round although I've learnt along the way to pick out ones that have stretchy fabric otherwise all that pulling to the side will ruin its shape long term.

My favourite at the moment is this one from Boden which has been getting a load of wear from me lately. It's such a fresh spring colour and is pretty kind on the wobbly bits too as it sort of highlights your waist a bit more and detracts from the bit you'd fancy hiding ;)

Hat / Jumper / Cord Dungaree Dress / Bag 

(please ignore the eye lines, oh my gosh!)

My other staple at the moment is the dungaree dress, I got this one from Topshop (in the maroon and also the cream) in the TALL section. I have to say even then it's a bit short for me at 5,8 but just about passable I think. Any shorter and I don't think it would work, especially when bending down to play with kids! All you need to do to breastfeed is un-pop a button, I much prefer it to wearing a skirt or pair of trousers with a top as it also hides the rest of my tummy whilst I'm feeding the baby.

I'm kinda in love with this chevron jumper from ASOS as well, I can't seem to find this colour on there anymore so I've linked to a really similar one (which I bought as well ha!). The bobble hat has been worn lots lately too, largely because I've not had time to wash my hair as often as I like. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when the weather warms up!

I hope this post was useful to any breasfteeding mums out there! I popped a list of other items I thought would make life a bit easier at this stage too if you're interested!

Oh P.S I made another little video of our week over here if you fancy a watch!

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