Me and Mine March

I'll just skip the bit where I yack on about how the month have flown despite the fact it shocks me every time I sit down to right these posts!

This month has been a bit of a toughie, The baby turned three months and with that I thought we were sort of out of the hardest parts of babyhood and moving into the normality of having two children. Not that the first three months were particularly hard in comparison with how tricky I found that time with Wilf, but they certainly take some getting used to do regardless of if it's your first or your fourth child I'm sure! 

I've spent the past few weeks really enjoying making weekly videos, I've found them a quicker and easier way of sharing our life in a way and I've been surprised at how open I've let myself be to camera. I did consider not publishing this video of a particular tricky day but I was so overwhelmed by the lovely response I got from it that it's made me feel so thankful for this community yet again. Where would I be without the support of other mums, its amazing how generous people can be even people you're likely to never meet! I'm constantly surprised and thankful for that. 

I've found this month particularly hard when navigating giving and being patient with both my children AND keeping on top of work commitments. I have to admit that on a couple of occasions I have been a shouty and irritable mummy which I feel awful for. I've vowed to keep in mind that family must always come first and all else can wait if needs be. 

We took these silly pictures in a Photo Booth in our shopping centre, I think they might be my favourite yet. They really represent my goofy silly family and what matters more to me, smiles on our  faces (even the fact that Mabli has fallen out of one of them haha!) and a memories to look back and laugh about. It's proof again that making sure we take a picture of us all at least once a month can be as simple as putting a couple of quid into a Photo Booth and sticking the strip on your fridge.

Don't forget to join in with my other Me and Mine hosts this month Lucy, Katie, Lucy, Jenny and Alex! Can't wait to see your pics 

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