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OK so I'm SO far from being a beauty blogger (I've been wearing the same style of make up for about ten years now and I've recently at 30 dared to wear lipstick..) but since having a new baby I'm become pretty obsessed with watching beauty videos. Something I can watch for a few minutes whilst feeding the baby and on my phone, my favourites at the moment are Ruth Crilly and Samantha Maria but I've also been dipping into Caroline Hirons and Lily Pebbles too. These ladies know their stuff!

I thought I'd share with you a few favourites I've picked up lately though (mainly at 2am when I'm breastfeeding and shopping on my phone ;))

Firstly this Two Faced blusher, bought ENTIRELY because I loved the packaging. I was tempted to buy it after seeing my friend Fashion for Lunch's post on pretty packaging. If you're not following her on IG you defo should as it's the prettiest feed. Anyway it turns out that as well as being very pretty (it reminds me of my first Polly Pocket) it's also a really good blush. I chose the shade 'love flush' which I think compliments my pale skin, and it really does last for pretty much the whole day.

I got this Spectrum Collections brush from my Birch Box last month and love it just because of the colour really but it is super soft too. I know those boxes can sometimes seem a bit overpriced and pointless but I've actually discovered a few new-to-me brands that I'm really loving by signing up with them, plus its a like a little present each month. This brush was £8 but if you sign up to them you can get 50 points (£5) through this link (I will too) to spend in store.

OK I've wanted a Tom Ford lipstick since I saw them on Ruth Crilly's channel (I think she could get me to buy anything!). They are crazy pricey but a real treat purchase..something I've doing a lot of lately, I blame sleep deprivation and quick fix pick me ups! I'm pretty new to wearing lipstick as I find they often dry out my lips and I also tend to bite my lips a bit so I worry about how they will last but I bought my first TF Lipstick in 'Twist of Fate' and am finding it a neutral enough colour to not look to 'full on' but also to look like I've done something a bit fun.

Continuing on the lipstick theme I picked up a H&M lip balm /lipstick on a whim and am really loving them. They are really moisturising, I got mine in a pale shade so it's basically a lip balm with a bit of tint but I'm really impressed with their whole makeup range in general actually!

Lastly! I got this Benefit blush from Tom (Wilf) for Mother's day. I'm a massive fan of Benefit basically because again their packaging is just spot on but of course the products are brilliant too. I love their 'High Beam' cream, it's been a make up staple for me for a few years now but this is the first blush I've owned of theirs. I love that its a mixed colour palette so doesn't feel like you're plonking on one colour but feels much more blended.

I think that's it! Hope you've liked this kind of post, I know it's a bit different from the usual things I write about but I wanted to share some of my latest finds with you all. Don't forget to follow over on IG for more of these kind of things if you're interested!

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