Our Easter Break

Our Easter break was a bit of a funny one, Tom is still home on paternity leave so the long weekend wasn't too much different from our general week (a set up that I'm so thankful for to be able to continue to work). We pottered around doing a bit of Spring cleaning, a bit of seeing Granny and a bit of mooching around at home.

On Sunday we got caught in storm Katie and I have to admit my mood was pretty similar, I snapped at my lovely little boy and I felt very guilty afterwards.

Sometimes I feel like all I'm doing is messing up his perfect innocent spirt with my own faults, my imperfections and short comings. Then I remember (or am reminded) that its OK to get things wrong, that doing so and apologising is very human and almost a good thing to show our children we can get it wrong too. Sometimes I feel angry and throw tantrums to rival, actually scratch that, to BEAT my four year olds. I've always had a problem with wearing my emotions on my sleeve and I'm often impulsive and fiery because of it. It's all a learning process, I just hope I don't mess them up too much, these beautiful little perfect little people I've been lucky enough to raise.

My pinafore dress is from this beautiful maternity shop Clary and Peg who also sell fantastic nursing clothes. I am in LOVE with this piece as I always find pinafore dresses come up quite small on me and this one is just the comfiest and very flattering as well. I think this jumpsuit would also look so cute! 

Apart from our bad day Wilf enjoyed the Easter weekend enormously, he had an entire chocolate egg for breakfast. Something Tom wasn't too keen on but I felt like is perfectly OK for one day of the year. He also ate half of Tom's when we weren't looking and as a consequence wasn't allowed to watch anymore 'Mermaid Adventures', anyone else got kids obsessed with that programme?? Instead we downloaded a new Audiobook and had a nice cuddle on the sofa. If you're after a good way to kill an hour when you don't want them watching anymore screens (and I'm SO guilty of popping Wilf in front of Netflix so I can reply to an email) then I really recommend audio books, he often listens to them on his headphones too and I make him up a little nest on the floor or sofa like this.

Oh the other thing I did over Easter was join Snapchat (I know!) after writing it off as being way too old I've actually been having a lot of fun with it. I'm Tigerlilly Quinn over there too if you want to find me. I didn't actually get it at first but my friend Emily did this ace video on how to use it, her channel is brilliant if you fancy a watch of any of her other videos too!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, what did you get up to? Are you a fan of chocolate for breakfast or do you have to have a sensible breakfast first?

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