The Cuisine Companion by Tefal

I've been wanting to share this post with you a while but having a certain tiny little person in our lives lately has meant I've only just got round to it! We were sent the Tefal Cuisine Companion just before Christmas and I was so excited to get to grips with it but then somehow weeks and weeks would pass with it sitting on our kitchen counter unwrapped.

So finally some two months later I had a free afternoon to have a play and I can only say I'm so annoyed with myself for not doing it earlier! Since we've finally started to make use of it we've been using it for so many things, from making pesto to hash browns (Tom told me if he'd known about the hash browns he would have got to grips with it sooner, ha!).

The pictures below are of a couple of recipes we've been doing a lot. The first a really simple ratatouille, we literally just rough chop the veg and other ingredients and throw it all in. Using the blade setting it then chops and cooks within 30 mins, enough time to zap some jacket potatoes and then crisp them in the oven. It's the perfect easy meal that we all enjoy and Wilf actually loves to sit on the side in the kitchen and make things with me. It's become quite nice to hand Tom the baby whilst we do our own thing making dinner, Wilf calls it 'the robot'.

The other recipe we've been making lots of use of is the chocolate mouse, again it's pretty much throwing all the ingredients in, choosing the right setting and letting it cook it for you before dishing into pots to chill.

Next on our list to try is the courgette muffins, it's weirdly one of Wilf's favourite vegetables and a great way to make it more fun (and seem like a sweet treat too).

One of the things I was worried about in having this particular pieces of kitchen appliance is the size it would take up in our already teeny kitchen. I'm not going to lie, it is pretty bulky as you would imagine for something that needs to have a bowl attachment. However the fact that it makes dough means we can now replace the bread maker with is as well as the steamer as this machine also allows for a steaming setting and similarly the electric whisk etc. Basically it's actually turned out to be a bit of a space saver because it's essentially a machine that can do everything all your other gadgets could do but in one!

I'll more than likely be sharing some of the recipes we have made over on my IG if you fancy a peek over there too!

we received a cuisine companion from Tefal in return for a honest review, all words and thoughts are my own

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