A night in Oxford with Tempur

Last week we took our first tiny trip away with the baby for an overnight stay in Oxford (see our video here!). I say our first trip away, we did visit my parents for a few nights also last month but I think that's a little different. I remember one of of our first nights away with Wilf as a baby he ended up having earache and crying for what seemed like hours and hours whilst I cursed the fact we'd not brought Calpol and worried about the other guests complaining about us! Thankfully I'm glad to say this trip was nothing like that at all, phew!

We were invited on our night away by Tempur mattresses who supply their products to several luxury hotels around the country. They asked us to test a night on one of their queen sized beds and see how we slept. We've always wanted to visit this city so chose Hawkwell House as our location and hopped on the quick train journey from Bristol to Oxford.

After a little stroll around, finding pretty bicycles and pastel houses to match my outfit (of course) we headed on the ten minutes bus ride to our hotel. If we didn't have the kids I probably would say you could walk from the city there easy enough, it's a lovely little stroll along the river that would take about 40mins..but with kids probably more like two hours ;)

We were testing out their memory foam mattress which as you can see from the pictures below pretty all of us enjoyed at some point, be it Wilf bouncing on it or Tom, me and the baby sleeping on it. Anyone who knows me will know how much I rave on about investing in good bedding when you have children because ANYTHING that helps you maximise on your sleep is essential. We finally upgraded to a super king sized bed when I became pregnant with Mabli and it is worth every last penny. Usually Wilf comes into our bed around 4am so it's nice to be able to fit us all in!

Waking up at one point in the night to feed the baby I found myself comparing the mattress to my own at home (which I love) and if I'm honest I thought it was just as good which isn't something I usually find actually. I asked Tom that he thought in the morning and he went as far as to say he preferred the hotel mattress,  apart from the baby waking me a few times we all slept like logs!

I'd never really thought to look at what mattresses hotels use but obviously it does really make a difference. If you're staying away from home the last thing you want is a bad nights sleep, a hotel stay should feel like a treat and make you feel refreshed for your day ahead.

Thanks to Tempur mattresses for partnering with my blog and sending us away on this mini mini break

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