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OK so disclaimer, I haven't discovered the meaning of life BUT this is a post about what I find important in my life.

If you've read my blog for a while, or if I'm honest just a few minutes I'd hope the thing you get out of it is that I love celebrating the things that matter to me. Most importantly my family, the life we share together and the little moments that make is so special. I'm working with Hush Puppies on this post to share what I believe life is all about.

Becoming a mother of two children has made me stop, slow down and take note of the things that matter the most. Whilst I have lots of things that interest me or inspire me, creative outlets and love for things like fashion and travel I often find when I'm feeling overwhelmed I need to just strip down to the basics and remember that simple is best. Life for me is enjoying those simple everyday things that make life so beautiful.

One of the things that is bound to blow the cobwebs away and make me appreciate these little moments is a walk around our favourite haunts. We live in the colourful city of Bristol and if I'm honest I doubt we'll ever leave. Whilst neither Tom or I were raised here it feels firmly like our home and can't imagine anywhere better to be raising our little family. No stroll is ever the same and we're often spotting new cafes that have popped up or a creative bit of street art to pose against.

Our family loves colour we try and spot it everywhere we go and the way we dress is no exception, when I dress playfully I feel playful! Being a mum also means that my outfits need to be comfortable and have the ability to let me get down on the ground and stuck in with playing with the kids. I love the Anza Piper shoes from Hush Puppies in Berry Suede they are such a fun pop of colour and so comfy as well! 

(if you spot a turquoise wall it's mandatory in our family for you to stop and pose ;))

I think life is about not taking yourself too seriously, about spending as much time as you can with the ones you love and when things get overwhelming getting back down to the simple things that make you happy. I'm generally a positive person but I'm not immune to having bad days too, sometimes when both the kids want a bit of me and I'm finding myself stretched too thin I have to stop and remember that each day is a gift. That when I'm old and grey I'll remember these days with my little ones around me as the best I ever had, to be silly with them and to attempt to high kick against a turquoise wall even if only to make your husband laugh ;)

This post is in association with Hush Puppies 

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