Me and Mine April

In true spirit of the 'Me and Mine' project these pictures were taken very last minute, it's not as if we had a whole 30 days to do them is it? ;)

This month has been a really busy one for our family, we took our first trip away as a family of four which was so incredible, although at times it was tiring traveling with a very little baby and a four year old just getting out of our home and spending real quality time with each other was fantastic. I'm still writing up my posts from our trip but if you want to see part one then click here or our video here. I actually think it's my favourite video of us yet.

Tom returns to work at start of June so we have one more month of the four of us at home. For those who don't know Tom took my maternity leave so I could continue working on this blog, it's been such a great help but also meant we've had the best almost 6 months off together. It's something that we won't be able to do again so it's meant to much to us all.

Wilf found out his school place a couple of weeks ago and although we're happy with the school he's going to I keep getting very emotional thinking about it! I can't believe there's only 4 months left until he starts. I know I'll be in floods of tears on the day, waa! It's so crazy to me how we are at this stage in our life already and it's a reminder of how fast the months and years are going by. It makes me want to freeze time because right now with my two littles at home with me is my absolute dream. We'll just have to make the most of the next few months and I know deep down that he will absolutely love it.

I've found that now the baby is almost 5 months old life is sort of returning to some form of normality. I've been able to pop to London a couple of times and so far she's been a very easy travel companion! There's nothing like a cute little baby to break the ice at an event either!

I can't wait to see what next month brings!

The Me and Mine gang have a new member this month as the lovely Katie has had her baby boy! Don't forget to hop over to the other blog hosts Lucy, Katie, Lucy, Jenny and Alex to see what their families have been up to and as always do join in if you have a picture of your family to share! Even if it's just on Instagram with the hashtags #meandmineproject

I'm SO thrilled to be nominated in both the MADS and the BIBS again this year. It means so much to be featured in categories like lifestyle and fashion because when you've only recently had a baby you can often feel anything but fashionable! Of course I'm just as thrilled to be in the baby section as I am over the moon to be in the baby phase of my life again and to be recognised for that puts such a smile of my face. So thank you so very much for anyone who nominated me in any of those categories, it means so much to me and to everyone who's in the finals I think!

Of course if you want to fling me a vote to win that would be gratefully received too! ;)

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