A nature scavenger hunt and having quality time outdoors

muddy puddles bristol event

One of the things that was deeply imbedded in my upbringing was being outdoors as much as possible. Our weekends would be spent on family walks and every time we would mention 'I'm bored!' to either of our parents it would be met with 'you've not spent enough time outside today then'. I used to dread those family walks and whinge and moan and do anything to get out of them, unsuccessfully I might add. Then almost to the minute within 30 minutes I would be loving it, finding bugs to inspect amongst the bushes or bluebells to pick for my flower press. Our family walks would be the times we'd spend really quality moments with out parents, walking along side one of the other and knowing we had time for a long chat without anything getting in the way. I remember one time walking up a hill with my parents and siblings and as we reached the top my dad suddenly grabbing my hand and running down with me, the steepness of the ground propelling us on and screaming and laughing at the same time partially out of fear and exhilaration but knowing all the while that I was safe holding onto my dad and being in the moment outdoors and free.

It's something I'm conscious a lot of in raising Wilf and it's something I feel quite guilty about not doing enough of. Yes we live in a city but we live in a city full of green spaces, city farms and parks. Getting out into nature isn't always on the top of my list of things I want to do though so more than often our activities include museums or cafes or charity shopping together instead, all of which is good of course but I think we do need a bigger mix!

When Muddy Puddles invited us along to their free Bristol Nature Scavenger hunt it was a great excuse to make the effort to get stuck into nature and the outdoors a bit more. They actually run these events in a few different places in the UK so it's worthwhile checking their events page to see if they are near you.

Muddy Puddles actually work with 'Farms for City Children' donating waterproofs for the children who volunteer at the farms involved with the scheme. They also run the 'Muddy Academy' which is an outdoor learning resource for teachers.

We had such a great time at the event and totally lucked out on the weather! We brought a picnic to eat on the beautiful Brandon Hill and took our time collecting the items on our colour sheet to make a rainbow of flowers and leaves for a nature picture. It's a simple idea but one that we wouldn't really have done without a prompt and it's things like this that remind us why outdoor time together is so good for us all.

Wilf is wearing the Puddle Pac-a-Mac and also the PuddleStomper Wellies.

We received Wilf's coat and boots for free but all words and thoughts are my own and we had such great fun at their free event I'd really recommend it.

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