Our Holiday to Eurocamp!

eurocamp, Aloha Village Parc in Serignan Plage in the South of France,

So a couple of weeks back we took our first holiday abroad with both children. I'd been saying when I was pregnant that having a baby would make it SO EASY to travel abroad and that we should spend as much of Tom's leave doing so.. then I had a baby and forgot actually they are tricky little things, especially when you're navigating healing after birth, getting any kind of sleep, teething and all the other things that come with a little baby, not quite sure how I forgot that from the first time round...

Anyway, as Mabli hit five months we thought it was now or never and we booked our break away as guests of Eurocamp. I'm not sure if any of you ever went away on family trips with them as kids but I did and they were some of my fondest childhood memories so I was really excited to see if it was just as good going back as an adult. I have to say I was not only pleased to say it was but that it was even better seeing Wilf getting just as much of a kick out of the place as I did at his age.

We chose the Aloha Village Parc in Serignan Plage in the South of France for a number of reasons, it was really easy to fly from Bristol to (and cheap flights less than £200 for three of us return), it was rated five stars on Eurocamps site and had 8* on Trip Advisor (which is first port of call when looking at places) and it was very colourful (essential!).

eurocamp, Aloha Village Parc in Serignan Plage in the South of France,
boden swimwear

We chose to stay in one of their newer mobile homes the Avant which you can see here. It came with three bedrooms which included two singles a bunked and a queen size bedroom. We also had the add ons of the 'welcome pack' which includes the usual tea and coffee, olive oil and the few essentials that you'd need for a self catering week away. I always think these are such a good idea as you never know what time you might be arriving and a cup of tea after a half days travel is always just what you need!

We also added the 'linen duvet and towel' pack which meant we had everything we needed already there, included beach towels each which always add up so much room in your luggage usually. This made settling in so much easier, the only one tiny negative I would say (and it really was a small thing!) was that the sheets given for the queen size bed were actually meant for a double which meant they kept coming untucked. Like I said, such a small matter and I think it might have been that these caravans were quite new and so the pack might not have been updated? Either way I'm sure that's something that would be easily fixable in the future, we didn't bother mentioning it the time and actually just turned the sheet the other way so it didn't quite reach the bottom instead and that seemed to stop the problem.

The caravan itself was fantastic with decking that matched the size of the interior making the space as a whole feel very spacious. We had a couple of days where it was a bit grey and drizzly and then five other days of sun so we spent a good amount of our time eating our meals, drinking wine and playing board games out there. Mabli had just learnt to roll over and was happy playing on a mat on the decking whilst we sat at the table which was just so lovely and relaxing.

eurocamp, Aloha Village Parc in Serignan Plage in the South of France,

The camp itself had lots on offer including the most beautiful heated outdoor sparkly clean pools with two large children's areas, a roof top pool for lane swimming and three Jacuzzis. I was already envisioning a time when both kids were old enough for Pouki Club and we could spent a half hour relaxing in there. As it was we took turns with holding the baby, relaxing on the sun loungers and having a little swim to ourselves. We ended up at the pool every day (bar one day when it was rainy) and its something that Wilf is still talking about, honestly the best out holiday pools we've been to so far for sure.

boden swimwear
eurocamp, Aloha Village Parc in Serignan Plage in the South of France,

Ok I love this picture so much, mainly because of Wilf's face!

boden mini boden swimwear

Just look at this roof top pool though!

eurocamp, Aloha Village Parc in Serignan Plage in the South of France,
boden mini boden swimwear

P.S Just incase you were curious our swimsuits are from Boden and there is currently 25% off them! My Sun Glasses are from here. 

eurocamp, Aloha Village Parc in Serignan Plage in the South of France,

My top can be found here (love the length on it) and Wilf's outfit is from Tootsa MacGinty here

Got to love a swing chair by the Tiki bar, oh and 5pm Mojitos! ;)

We went in mid May just before half term and it was pretty much empty when we arrived (on a Wednesday) by Saturday a few more families had arrived but at times we still felt like we had the place to ourselves which was just amazing. Id definitely recommend going in late Spring out of holidays if you can (this will be the last chance we get to do this as Wilf starts school in Sept!). The weather was glorious although the other families (who seemed to be mainly French or Dutch) often only ventured to the pool to sunbathe at midday not like 10am like us pasty brits who then were sitting in the shade by the midday heat ha!

Although there was plenty to do on site for families, like the parks, pools, tennis, beach and kids clubs I did say it would have been good to have gotten out somewhere further afield for one day. Many people drive to Eurocamps and then take day trips as we don't we would have happily fought a bus but they don't start running until later in the season.

On that note the beach was literally ten minutes walk from our caravan and for some the caravans look right out over the beach. I realised that five months old is a bit of tricky age to bring a baby to the beach (constantly searching for shade, getting sand everywhere or trying to not let her eat it!) but with children a little older you could easily head there in there morning and set camp all day. There was also a beach cafe which is really highly rated on Trip Adviser but was unfortunately being refurbished when we visited.

One of things we loved so much about the camp was the design of it, from the tikki themed huts and bars to the Laundrettes wall painted in 1950's style illustrations with a real retro vibe. Perfect for Instagram shots ;)

This slide was so much fun, you can see a clip of me going down it in the video below

Don't you just love a picture of a baby wearing daddy? We were kindly sent this one from We Made Me slings.

OK one more..

One of the things I loved about Eurocamp as a child (although we were actually camping in a tent at the time) was waking up to that smell of early summer, the walking to the bread shop for a baguette and croissants, my parents setting up the french press and the excitement of the day ahead, the pools the beach, spending time with my family. Returning as an adult with my own children made me so nostalgic for that time period in my life but also so grateful I get to experience these things again but as a parent. 

We absolutely loved our time away and have already talked about re-booking for next year!

We were guests at Eurocamp for purposes of this review but all words and thoughts are my own

We made a little video too if you fancy a watch!

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