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SO lots of you may know that Tom and I got married around a year and a half ago. Getting married was something I'd never really planned for my future, I'd never dreamt of my wedding day and it really wasn't important to me if Tom & I got hitched or not HOWEVER when Tom proposed I was obviously going to say yes because it was a lovely gesture and if I was ever going to marry anyone it was going to be him.

That all being said when it came to our wedding day, honestly? It truly was one of the best days of my life. I couldn't have imagined how I would feel on that day and although I'd often said to friends that if I was going to get married I'd rather elope, when it came down to it one of the things that made the day so special was just feeling so loved by our friends and family. I couldn't of even imagined how thankful I would feel to have so many people care for us and to genuinely feel happy for us being a couple and a family.

I spent a lot of my life feeling pretty insecure and unpopular, I never really believed in myself and although I had a couple of close friends during that time I found it really hard form friendships and to be confident within them. My mid to late twenties (I'm thirty now remember, ah!) were the years that really formed me and during them I made some amazing friendships and Tom and I also made friends together. During this time I felt like I really found my 'village' and I speak to many of these people more than I speak to my own family.

The overwhelming feeling I had getting married was 'wow we are so lucky to have this life and these people in it' so although it was a day for me and Tom it definitely wouldn't have been the day it was without the people that came to celebrate it with us.

Our wedding actually cost £2k (which we were kindly given by Tom's parents btw) without adding on my wedding dress, I say without my dress because there was actually a bit of a fiasco with that and it ended up costing me LOTS more than it should have ugh..

Anyway the reason why we were able to keep costs so low was that again our AMAZING friends pitched in and helped us make so many of the elements. As well as that, we bought a lot of the items from places that sell more unique pieces but a little less costly. Which leads me nicely into showcasing some of the items HomeSense do that would be perfect for a wedding.

So if you're planning a wedding then why not check out some of these ideas?

The Silk Blossom Stems are £6.99, love them! I'm a really big fan of faux flowers, I actually didn't have real flowers at my own wedding, my lovely friend Jess made us some fake flowers herself!

When it comes to details like cutlery I love for things to be mix match, I'm really not a fan of things matching in general actually so most of the pieces in our home are a single set, like chairs, plates or things like that. HomeSense is really perfect for bits like this and you can find tons of brightly coloured plates and cups like the shot below.

We actually had pizza for the meal at our wedding, we held it in the upstairs room of our local pub so they brought up the pizzas for each table for people to just grab a slice and tuck in. We were lent a beautiful set of vintage china and drank fizz in the tea cups! I love the idea of people bringing a dish and everyone just tucking in and getting to know each other.

How beautiful is the above collection?!

As with everything in HomeSense each store holds completely different items so it's always a bit of a bargain hunt when you go in and find that one special piece. A bit like that thrill of vintage or charity shop shopping.

Actually writing this post has made me realise I forgot to share the second half of my wedding photos! I think because I was pregnant when we got them and I was so sick for months it completely slipped my mind so if you'd like to see them (over a year later!) do let me know and I'll write up a proper post :)

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