Tresco part three, father and son time and a hot stone massage!

So you can see why I'm having to split up our Tresco trip into a few posts aren't you! The scenery was just so completely breathtaking that there was no way one or two pictures could cover it.

On the third day of our stay I had a bunch of work to catch up on and the baby was teething and not really enjoying much other than being attached to me so we decided to make it a chilled day of hanging around our cottage with the promise of lunch at the Ruin Beach and a swim in the afternoon to break it up. Tom not wanting to miss out on exploring went off by himself for an hour whilst both children were occupied and I was ploughing through my emails.

He walked a short distance (you can't really walk that far on a tiny island like this!) to Cromwell's castle and took this pictures of the view. When he returned he told me how amazing it had been to just visit a place like this and be the only person around. I thought I'd share some of the pictures he took on his walk below because I think they're pretty breathtaking.

One of the things that was so lovely about this trip is with the baby being so small (she turned three months old whilst we were away) Tom and Wilf spent a lot of time together whilst I dealt with her. It meant that although we did things all together as a family they also took themselves off for walks or bike rides and came back full of excited tales of dodging the waves, collecting shells and getting caught out in the rain.

This precious time together before my big/little boy starts school is so important to us both, I know I actually well up a little to think of it. We both knew that Tom taking my maternity leave would mean that he would be able to appreciate one on one time with Wilf like he'd never been able to before. It's made such a difference to our family and I start feeling a bit emotional knowing he only has a few weeks left now before we're back to 'normality' (and I start to really appreciate what life is like with two!).

We had been so lucky with the weather but on our final day it absolutely poured it down. The night before the wind had been howling which was quite impressive to see from our cosy little cottage all tucked up on bed. We were due to have Sunday lunch at the New Inn but really we couldn't take the kids out in the storm because we'd all get blown away. Instead I braved it down to the spa (haha!) for a hot stone massage which I'd booked in a couple of days earlier not knowing about the weather. It was totally blissful and actually quite lovely to hear the rain thrashing around the windows whilst I was in the treatment room. Quite another thing to get my damp clothes back on and be soaked to the skin again by the time I'd got back! Nothing a large cup of hot chocolate and a bath couldn't fix though.

After five days on the beautiful Island of Tresco we 'island hopped' over to Bryher and the Hell Bay Hotel. I'll leave that for my fourth and final post though!

If you want to watch the video of our stay it's here part one of our trip here and part two here!

We were guests on both Tresco Island and at the Hell Bay Hotel but all words and thoughts are my own. 

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