Life's little luxuries

Since becoming a mum my idea of luxury has changed quite a bit, I've come to appreciate the little things like a long bath or a hot cup of tea. In many ways its made me more content because things I previously took for granted like having time to myself to read a book or having a lie in are so coveted now. 

One of my top little luxuries both pre and post motherhood have been clean sheets. I rate it right up there as one of the most satisfying feelings ever, especially if it comes after a lovely bubble bath and some new soft pjs too!

I'm teaming up with Comfort in this post to talk to you guys about my #littleluxuries, which I thought was pretty fitting considering just how much I love the cosiness of getting into a freshly clean bed. After a lovely weekend of pottering about the house and seeing friends me and the kids spent Sunday morning washing our bedding and testing out the Intense Luxurious conditioner on the sheets. 

As usual when it comes to doing housework with the kids they make it twice as long but also kind of twice as fun. There's often a LOT of bed bouncing and getting inside covers and pretending to be ghosts, never a dull moment with a four year old and a six month old (especially now as she's starting to be on the move!).

I have to say the smell and softness was a definite hit for us all, we ended up spending most of the afternoon just hanging out in bed reading books and taking selfies ha!

Whilst I might not be having spa days or swanky nights out anytime soon I pretty content with the little luxuries in my life being things like a good cup of coffee, a box set in the evening with my husband and the softest of fest fresh luxuries smelling sheets on the bed.

 Even if I have to share my bed with toy aeroplanes ;)

What are your little luxuries in life? I'd love to know!

in association with Comfort fabric conditioner 

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