Me and Mine July

Our Me and Mine this month come from Sardinia in Italy! I've just finished off my post about our trip there so it should be on the blog in a few days.

This month has felt quite hard in many ways, I appreciate that it doesn't look it from the above pictures but I'm finding seven month olds quite tricky. The main thing I guess is sleep, I think it's about this point when it really catches up with you and the lack of it is making me feel pretty weary at times. I remember how much worse the sleep situation was with Wilf and that about 9 months we both felt like we were about to have some sort of breakdown over it so I'm thankful that we're not in that sort of situation but it's still pretty exhausting at times.

A lot of the time it feels like Tom and I are just tag teaming with each child and never really have anytime for each other (or ourselves) especially when you add work to that too. Add to that Mabli crawling and get into pretty much everything and it feels non stop at the moment!

I think it probably comes down to the fact we don't actually have any routine and I do think that it would make a difference it's just having the energy to implement it. I know Wilf didn't really start sleeping any stretches until he was about 18 months and when I think about that it makes me feel like we might have so long to come until we get a proper nights sleep. Hopefully by trying to be consistent it might help us get there a bit quicker.

On a positive note we are really loving the British summer and after finally being able to afford fake grass on our lawn (part of our garden here - fake grass post to come!) we have been enjoying lots of time outside! We're planning a few more home improvements so it's nice to be able to plan those out and look forward to bits and bobs like that. I've become obsessed with reading about bloggers loft conversions!

I'm hoping to make the most of next month even if I'm sleep deprived as it's the last one before school starts so I want to make it the best summer yet.

Here's to August, the last month before my big boy starts school and maybe a bit more sleep?

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Wilfs Imaginary Pet

When I was a little girl I used to spend hours and hours drawing. I'd invent 'paper people' I'd cut them out carefully and make them clothes, pets, houses, whole lives! I still remember the excitement I felt when I realised I could just draw and invent new toys to play with, OK they were pretty flimsy and often had to have limbs supported by toothpicks and sellotape but I loved that I was able to create these things that came to life.

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Bringing the outdoors in with Command Brand

command brand hook diy planters

If you remember back when Mabli was just a few weeks old I started working with Command Brand as their ambassador for the year. Along with a bunch of talented ladies we were set the task of coming up with ways of using the Command Brand products in our homes as part of make overs or DIY's.

I'm not sure if you've come across these products before but they are basically a must when it comes interior projects. You don't need any nails or screws and they don't mark the wall when you take them off either!

Back at Easter I came up with this egg box craft and now as we are fully embracing the British summer I thought it would be a fun idea to get some green into our home as well as in our garden.

command brand hook diy planters
command brand hook diy planters

I picked up these yellow hanging planters in the Oliver Bonas sale and the orange house from the Tiger store. I then used the Command Brands hooks to place them on the wall, I used the large hooks at the top and then two of the smaller hooks at the bottom just to hold the weight securely.

command brand hook diy planters

I love how something as simple as hanging some planters in our dinning room can really change the feeling of the space. If you wanted to switch them around all you need to do is pull on the sticky tab at the bottom of the hook and then it comes away from the wall without taking any plaster or paint work with it. Such a good idea for people like me who are fickle and change up their home decoration a lot!

command brand hook diy planters

Can you tell I have a thing for succulents and cacti? I did once manage to kill a cactus though, I think that's probably a skill ;)

command brand hook diy planters

What d o you think of this quick and easy interior project? Have you used Command Brand products before?

In association with Command Brand


What Mama Wore - People Tree x Zandra Rhodes

Sardinia mark warner beach
People Tree zandra rhodes tigerlilly quinn mummy blogger fashion
people tree zandra rhodes mummy blogger sardinia 
My final outfit post whilst we were in Sardnia! I definitely recommend jetting off to a sunny country for an excuse to pop on a pretty dress and pose ;)

Sardinia mark warner beach
People Tree zandra rhodes tigerlilly quinn mummy blogger fashion

You might remember way back when I was seven months pregnant and I visited the amazing Zandra Rhodes to view her latest collaboration with People Tree. If not then cast your eyes this way.
This was my absolute favourite dress from the collection which featured some of her print designs from the 80's. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and was so excited to bring it along on our latest trip away.

Sardinia mark warner beach
People Tree zandra rhodes tigerlilly quinn mummy blogger fashion

I'm fairly tall (5,8) and I would say it's quite short on me so I'd probably wear it with leggings or denim shorts in the UK but for a beach holiday then it's perfect, very light weight and flattering as well as being cut to be none clingy and just so comfy!

I love that with a dress like this the print speaks for itself and you don't really need to team it with much else to make it a stand out outfit. I paired it with these Boden sandals (for the astute amongst you spot my mosquito bites on my feet, ah! They love me).

Don't forget you can get 15% off at People Tree on full priced items with the code TLQ15
P.S my post on our trip away will be up soon, I just need to finish off the video!

What do you think of the range? 


What Mama Wore - Red striped dress

red striped asos dress

The second of the outfit posts I managed to shoot whilst in Sardinia! I can't tell you how much it helps being in beautiful surroundings with the sun and an Instagram husband to hand too! ;)

red striped asos dress mother and daughter
red striped asos dress
red striped asos dress

I picked up this dress from ASOS and made it breastfeeding friendly by cutting out two slits underneath the top panel! I'm no seamstress but you wouldn't really notice once you've popped a baby under the top bit, it does make me giggle when I think about what it would look like if I showed you!

red striped asos dress mother breastfeeding friendly

Mabli is wearing a dress from Mothercare and little shorts from Mini Boden

p.s this is my attempt as milk maid braids, I feel like they look ok straight on but are a bit weird at the back! maybe I just need longer hair? Although in this heat I'm feeling like I want to chop it all off to be honest!

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What Mama Wore - Sophia Shirt Dress

So we've just got back from sunny sunny Sardinia! There'll be a post to follow on how we found it but in the meantime I wanted to get this post live whilst the weather in the UK is currently matching the Italian sun. This was my absolute favourite outfit to wear on this trip, it was light and stretchy and just so comfy in the heat. Tom said it would have been a great tennis dress too but to be honest I just couldn't bare thinking about doing anything in the heat than dip in the pool or read my book!

Mabli joined me for this outfit post in a Mini Boden dress. I can't believe how big she is getting! (and how much like Tom she is looking!)

boden sophia striped dress mummy blogger
boden sophia striped dress mummy blogger

dress / bag (on sale now!) / sandals / sunglasses

boden sophia striped dress mummy blogger
boden sophia striped dress mummy blogger

Since Tom's gone back to work it's been a lot harder for me to do posts like this because I don't have anyone to take my pics! Fashion posts are by far some of my favourites to do so I guess I'll have to work something out on the days I have a few hours to work, maybe I'll have to beat my fear of using a tripod in public!

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Back to school...

So these past few weeks have been strange ones. We've started to gear up to the idea of everything to do with school and Wilf starting in less than two months now (!). We recently visited the school again to go round with Wilf. Tom took the day off too so we could all go as a family. We are 100% happy with the school he is going to and I really genuinely think he is ready and will thrive there but it doesn't stop me feeling nervous for him.

When we were walking around he loved the idea of all the bits and bobs he could do but whenever we went in a class or playground he hid behind me holding my hand tight. I keep thinking about that and whilst I know that's totally normal it makes me well up a bit about leaving him there. I know we've done settling in at nursery and that was also quite heartbreaking too for a few days, I'm glad we did it though as he loves going there and is upset to leave when we pick him up. I know that school will be the same and we'll both just have to get over the initial separation. My little boy becoming a school aged child, how did that happen so fast?!

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Life Lately!

Life lately as I type this I'm sitting pool side in a bar in Sardinia so I guess life lately is pretty good ;)

In all honestly though life has been ridicously busy lately! Tom started back at work after taking my maternity leave and so started the busiest work week I've ever had since I started working on the blog as a business five years ago. There were a few tears shed in that first week where I moaned 'how am I going to do this?? how can I be a good mum & good at my job & be a good friend & wife and also not live in a pig stye?'. My work life balance had never seemed so off & on top of that I felt a dreadful guilt for even wanting to work when I had a six month old baby. I love my job, it makes me feel well rounded, it stops me feeling lonely when everything 'baby' gets on top of me and I didn't want to stop.

Whilst I knew I was definetly going to be cutting back on what I took on I also think I did have rose tinted glasses of how hard getting anything done with a baby can be. Yes I've done this before but it's amazing how you can forget so quickly ey?

The answer came with asking for help, by the end of month one I was so frazzled that we realised I was going to need a few 'work hours' that really were work hours. Hours where I could complete a task, reply to an email, without a baby on my hip (although I do those too!). Luckily a friend and qualified nanny had also had her second child at the same time as us (bar a couple of weeks) and whilst she didn't want to go back doing long 7-7 hours with two children she was interested in a few hours a couple of days a week also bringing her 7 month old too. It seemed like the perfect solution and whilst it is a chunk out of the money I do earn it's absolutely worth it (I do understand that childcare is expensive but when surely someone looking after your child then I absolutely think those people should be paid well!). Not only for my work life but so I can get a few hours of 'me' back which I think is also really important when you have children.

The first week of this arrangement has just ended and it's such a weight off my back, the things you can do with 8 hours a week! It's odd because Wilf's didn't go into any child of childcare (although that was nursery) until he was 18 months and I debated so much about whether he was too young, I cried about leaving him, it was such an emotional time..and this time feels completely different! I know it's also quite a different arrangement, it's someone I already know and really trust, in our home etc I also think it's been easier as Malbli is so little she hasn't really noticed that I've left her to be honest.

I have a whole load of ideas I now want to do for the blog, I want to be a bit more engaged with replying to comments (sorry!) as now I will have a set time I'm able to get to this. I guess I wanted to say thanks for your patience. I do really appreciate every single comment or even if you don't comment (I hardly ever comment on blogs, I wish I did more!) then I appreciate you reading all the same.

Some things I should catch you up on:

I went a bit mad the other day and started a new Instagram handle @dresscolourfully just for pictures of colourful outfits. You just have to hashtag #dresscolourfully to get involved and I'll share pics on there. I'm loving how many people are joining in already!

I then started a couple of very local accounts @bristolwalls and @bristolfloors

AND finally (told you I went a bit mad!) a collaborative account with my friend Lottie called @thebrighthome where you can also join in with bright interior shots with #thebrighthome

Other things, I've teamed up with Huggies Wipes and will be doing four videos with them over the next 6 months. You can see my first one here. I'm really enjoying building up my channel over there and hope to learn more and more about the filming process as I do. If there is something that bloggers love to do it's to teach themselves things! If anyone has any any tips on courses or guides on using videography I'd love to hear about them!

That's it for now Ciao!


A little garden update and the prettiest planters!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have the least green fingers ever, in fact I have been known to kill cacti..

I'm a city girl, I can't imagine living in the country and I'm much more at home in a hipster cafe with a flat white than in a field. However I do appreciate how good how an outside space is, for myself but more so for my kiddos.

When we first bought the house about six years ago the garden was such a mix match of bits and bobs that didn't fit together, the ground was half wood chip with a random square of decking in the middle, then a bunch of multilayers concrete and a half finished dried up pond. We moved in over the summer so left it as it was for the first year, by the next I was pregnant and we didn't really have the funds to change it and then the following summer we had a little baby and couldn't find the time to make a cup of tea let alone redesign the garden.

When Wilf was 18 months Tom's bestie (and best man at our wedding) came up and helped us sort out the weird wood chip and decking and lay down turf. It made such a difference and we were finally able to enjoy our garden! Roll on two years later and we hadn't kept up with the mowing, the tree that hung over our garden was shedding so many helicopter seeds that some tiny trees were starting to grow, through the winter it had basically turned it into a load of mud we never went outside. I was heavily pregnant (again!) and we realised that even having a lawn was too much of an upkeep for us, we needed something simple!

We decided to fake grass half the garden and leave the other half as patio and it's a much simpler solution for us.

It was still really important to Tom to garden with Wilf, at 4 he's really aware and interested in where food comes from and the process of growing something from a seed. We grew some cress in a pot in his bedroom and he was thrilled! Again our friend Rog came to the rescue with a solution, a place to ensure we had some nature but in an easier format! With his business set up with friend Ross at Fat Leaf they create the most beautiful larch planters.

He send us a large planter and also the cutest little childs planter for Tom and Wilf to get stuck into. In the large one we started to grow peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes and hanging above it Strawberries and Wilf's little one has lavender and herbs!

The planters also come is lots of different sizes and designs, I love the collection of hexagon ones too, perfect as a feature for a small garden.

Wilf pointing out the strawberries and just look at those peppers!

Every weekend now Tom and Wilf have a little father and son gardening session. Wilf will run out and grab some herbs on instruction from Tom just like I remember doing for my dad as a child. There is something so lovely about these moments.

Sunday evening rocking those PJ's and collecting some Strawberries (that he refuses to eat by the way!)

Wilf - 'This watering can is so heavy!' (on inspection I found it was full of rocks, when questioned he replied 'oh yes that's where I keep my collection')

You have no idea how proud Tom is of the cucumber plant..

So that's it! A little update on our updated garden, it's perfect for us as the key thing is it's manageable and also fits together a bit more too. I think the addition of the planters has helped add a bit of nature into our urban life and is such a lovely way to get Wilf (and Tom) interested in growing their own food. Not sure it's going to make Wilf actually eat them mind you but it's a start ;)


Dreaming of a nursery & win £1000 to spend on your dream nursery!

So living in a two bedroom house a nursery is something that Mabli will never actually experience. I loved the whole ritual of 'designing the nursery' when I was pregnant with Wilf. I painted a tree mural on the wall with branches holding little letters I'd wrote him..second time round there were also no letters (second child issues, apologies again little M!).

Whilst neither of my kiddos have ever been cot sleepers I have to admit it was a lot easier having a baby with a room full of the things they needed, a wardrobe for all the little sleep suits, the change table and all the millions of toys you buy and are bought when really they'd be happier with a packet of baby wipes ;)

I'm working with Oak Furniture Land in this post to share with you the items I would pick for my Dream Nursery

Our current set up as we don't actually have room for a cot in our room!

Currently Mabli has a 'corner' of our room, one day when she's old enough she will share with Wilf and then when they get too old for that..we might have to convert the loft, who knows!

I do still love the idea of designing a special place just for her so for the sake of others who have the space I thought I'd put together a little 'dream nursery' wish list incase it's inspiring or useful to any of you!

1, Blabla doll unicorn knitted doll, this is actually Mali's special softie, they are quite hard to track down in the UK we were lucky and got one in a closing down sale.
2, Aden and Anais muslin cloths, such pretty designs and you can't have enough muslins!
3, Kemble solid oak cot from Oak Furniture Land
4, Rolling Hills grow bag from the Gro Company 
5, Felt Mobile (I'm a sucker for a cute mobile!)
6, Happy Rainbow poster 

Oak Furniture Land will be giving away over £1000 of nursery furniture to one lucky winner. All you have to do is show them what YOUR dream nursery looks like on Pinterest! Perfect way to procrastinate, eh? Just head to their blog for all the details on how to enter.

What items would be on your dream nursery list? I've made a little Pinterst board too if you want to see some more nursery inspiration!

In association with Oak Furniture Land
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