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So these past few weeks have been strange ones. We've started to gear up to the idea of everything to do with school and Wilf starting in less than two months now (!). We recently visited the school again to go round with Wilf. Tom took the day off too so we could all go as a family. We are 100% happy with the school he is going to and I really genuinely think he is ready and will thrive there but it doesn't stop me feeling nervous for him.

When we were walking around he loved the idea of all the bits and bobs he could do but whenever we went in a class or playground he hid behind me holding my hand tight. I keep thinking about that and whilst I know that's totally normal it makes me well up a bit about leaving him there. I know we've done settling in at nursery and that was also quite heartbreaking too for a few days, I'm glad we did it though as he loves going there and is upset to leave when we pick him up. I know that school will be the same and we'll both just have to get over the initial separation. My little boy becoming a school aged child, how did that happen so fast?!

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One of the things we LOVE about Wilf's school is that it has a huge outdoor area, with woods attached. They have two trained forest school teachers who take the kids out, build fires and camps and learn about nature as well as a massive greenhouse where they will be growing their own food and a separate 'mud pie cafe'. 

As such his uniform needs to be able to withstand a lot of mud, a lot of grass stains, jumping in puddles and generally getting well used and mucky! I'm partnering with Lidl on this post to test out their school uniform. The theme is that our kids are little superheroes, actually make that Lidl Superheroes (see what they did there ;). 

Whilst he is not yet at school we put them to the test in our local woods. From climbing trees, skidding along the fields on his knees, or tromping through mud. As parents we need to know that our kid's clothes can withstand all these things and still be resilient. This is how we got on.

Wilf, like most kids is a fan of exploring and when we head out as a family on one of our walks you can often find him running ahead, collecting sticks (oh so many sticks!) and climbing tress. Doing so I think really puts the items to the test, especially the trousers as it involves a lot of stretching and reaching for branches! When we look for clothes for Wilf, we look for design as well as how well made it is and how likely it will be to last the kind of actives he gets up to. Whilst no clothes are dirt proof, the trousers, priced at £1.25 come with stain repellent bionic finish eco coating. Both the polo shirts and jumpers are also 100% cotton and school shoes are leather and scuff resistant. With the price point being so low you can actually have a new polo shirt every day for less than five pounds.

Wait a second, how did this happen? Wasn't he just born a minute ago?! How is he this big already!

As well as durability one of the biggest selling points about this uniform range is the price point, for example a pack of two polo shirts are £1.25 and sweatshirts a steal at £1.15. Considering how many you'll need for the week when your kids are bound to have their uniform chucked in the wash daily (well if your kiddo gets as grubby as mine seems to!) then this means you can kit them out easily for the week without spending a extortionate amount of money.

Overall we were massively impressed with both how well made and how well priced the new range from Lidl is, especially after being put to test by a mud loving 4 year old. 

Wish me luck, I'll be the one bawling at the school gates!

In partnership with Lidl 

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