Life Lately!

Life lately as I type this I'm sitting pool side in a bar in Sardinia so I guess life lately is pretty good ;)

In all honestly though life has been ridicously busy lately! Tom started back at work after taking my maternity leave and so started the busiest work week I've ever had since I started working on the blog as a business five years ago. There were a few tears shed in that first week where I moaned 'how am I going to do this?? how can I be a good mum & good at my job & be a good friend & wife and also not live in a pig stye?'. My work life balance had never seemed so off & on top of that I felt a dreadful guilt for even wanting to work when I had a six month old baby. I love my job, it makes me feel well rounded, it stops me feeling lonely when everything 'baby' gets on top of me and I didn't want to stop.

Whilst I knew I was definetly going to be cutting back on what I took on I also think I did have rose tinted glasses of how hard getting anything done with a baby can be. Yes I've done this before but it's amazing how you can forget so quickly ey?

The answer came with asking for help, by the end of month one I was so frazzled that we realised I was going to need a few 'work hours' that really were work hours. Hours where I could complete a task, reply to an email, without a baby on my hip (although I do those too!). Luckily a friend and qualified nanny had also had her second child at the same time as us (bar a couple of weeks) and whilst she didn't want to go back doing long 7-7 hours with two children she was interested in a few hours a couple of days a week also bringing her 7 month old too. It seemed like the perfect solution and whilst it is a chunk out of the money I do earn it's absolutely worth it (I do understand that childcare is expensive but when surely someone looking after your child then I absolutely think those people should be paid well!). Not only for my work life but so I can get a few hours of 'me' back which I think is also really important when you have children.

The first week of this arrangement has just ended and it's such a weight off my back, the things you can do with 8 hours a week! It's odd because Wilf's didn't go into any child of childcare (although that was nursery) until he was 18 months and I debated so much about whether he was too young, I cried about leaving him, it was such an emotional time..and this time feels completely different! I know it's also quite a different arrangement, it's someone I already know and really trust, in our home etc I also think it's been easier as Malbli is so little she hasn't really noticed that I've left her to be honest.

I have a whole load of ideas I now want to do for the blog, I want to be a bit more engaged with replying to comments (sorry!) as now I will have a set time I'm able to get to this. I guess I wanted to say thanks for your patience. I do really appreciate every single comment or even if you don't comment (I hardly ever comment on blogs, I wish I did more!) then I appreciate you reading all the same.

Some things I should catch you up on:

I went a bit mad the other day and started a new Instagram handle @dresscolourfully just for pictures of colourful outfits. You just have to hashtag #dresscolourfully to get involved and I'll share pics on there. I'm loving how many people are joining in already!

I then started a couple of very local accounts @bristolwalls and @bristolfloors

AND finally (told you I went a bit mad!) a collaborative account with my friend Lottie called @thebrighthome where you can also join in with bright interior shots with #thebrighthome

Other things, I've teamed up with Huggies Wipes and will be doing four videos with them over the next 6 months. You can see my first one here. I'm really enjoying building up my channel over there and hope to learn more and more about the filming process as I do. If there is something that bloggers love to do it's to teach themselves things! If anyone has any any tips on courses or guides on using videography I'd love to hear about them!

That's it for now Ciao!

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