Wilfs Imaginary Pet

When I was a little girl I used to spend hours and hours drawing. I'd invent 'paper people' I'd cut them out carefully and make them clothes, pets, houses, whole lives! I still remember the excitement I felt when I realised I could just draw and invent new toys to play with, OK they were pretty flimsy and often had to have limbs supported by toothpicks and sellotape but I loved that I was able to create these things that came to life.

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Wilf has only recently gotten into drawing, I actually was surprised as I was drawing much earlier and assumed that he would be the same but now that he is putting pen to paper I LOVE seeing the things that he comes up with.

Pet Plan got in touch a few weeks ago and asked if Wilf would like to design his perfect imaginary pet that they would then turn into a softie from his drawing. I absolutely loved this idea and couldn't wait to see what Wilf and then they toy creators would come up with!

I didn't actually tell him that this would happen and just acted like it was a normal afternoon of colouring in and chatting around the table so when the softie arrived last week he couldn't believe his eyes!

I love what they've done with it, don't you?! It will be something for him to remember for such a long time!

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