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I've never considered myself a popular person, my entire school life was mainly spent trying not to get noticed by anyone and to fit in as much as I could. I spend a good majority of my life ridiculously shy and it's only really been the last five years or so that that has changed. Whilst I do have some close friends in my life I'm never been one of the popular girls, someone thats particularly good in big groups. So whilst I wouldn't say I have large social circle I do have a small group of besties.

I think you just know when you'll get on with someone, when they get you and all you don't have to try. When you can say pretty much anything and there are no awkward silences. When you know you can message them about something totally random at any time of day or have a good rant about something really silly but means a great deal to you at the time and they'll agree that whatever got you in a twist is 100% justified.

When you go 'glamping' but both agree afterwards that you'd rather be in a hotel near a cafe that does avocado toast.

When you switch from chatting politics to children to blogging to travel to food to clothes and everything in between in about ten minutes and still manage to keep track of what each other is on about. When your conversations stop and start a million times as you both have kids with you but it doesn't matter.

When you cheer each other on and are so proud of each others achievements.

Yep I'm talking about you Nichola West (and she's cringing right now for sure!)

The other night I was lucky enough to take a plus one for a complimentary meal at The Ivy. A night without interruptions from kids, one where we could leisurly drink our drinks not wolf down our meals in ten minutes flat. Absolute bliss!

I'd been pretty excited about this evening out for a while, it was going to be my first evening out after having Mabli. With Wilf my first evening out without him was full of anxiety, I left for this one like 'woo hoo!'. Funny how things change second time round ;)

( photo by Nell Mallia - this wasn't actually on the day but I was wearing this exact outfit so thought I'd include it! - Dress / Shoes / Bag ) I'll do a proper outfit post soon!

We were greeted by the General Manager who recommend delicious cocktails for us both and we set about catching up on all we'd missed from each others summers. Nichola has just come back from an amazing three week trip through Singapore and Hong Kong. Last year she spent weeks travelling through Malaysia with her family and her trips always inspire me to be a bit more adventurous with our travel. In fact her trip to Russia opened my eyes to a place I'd never thought to visit before, to ride the Red Arrow through the night to St Petersburg or visit Gorky Park, amazing!

We picked out a bottle of wine, chose our starter and mains and while the wine was flowing managed to cover this and that and all the in-between. I was laughing so much as the night went on that my sides were hurting and my eyes watering. It's only when you laugh so hard with a good friend that you realise how you haven't really been able to let loose for a while. Having a little baby is tough at times, its tiring and overwhelming and of course wonderful but having a couple of hours to just laugh and think of myself was absolute bliss. And what better location to do so?!

I kept saying how I felt like I was in the fancy restaurant in the Titanic, (still a favourite film haha)  which I think is because The Ivy is decorated perfectly in the most beautiful 1920's style. Every little detail had been thought out and felt so luxurious without being in the slightest bit over the top or garish. We were sat in the orangey and even with it pouring with rain outside it felt so bright and open sitting right next to a beautiful courtyard full of flowers.

And those tiles! Tiles of dreams for sure. I'm already planning another visit and plonking myself on that beautiful bar for a cheeky cocktail or two!

Our food was as expected impeccable, they had a couple of brilliant vegetarian options for both starters and mains. I'm pretty sure I could have eaten every single one of their pudding options (in fact I did end up eating some of Nichola's too!).

After an evening that felt just perfect in every way we ordered a strong coffee each and bundled into our cab missing the rain on our way out. Brilliant food in a beautiful setting with a best friend, I felt truly spoilt. We've already agreed we need to make this a regular thing!

I was invited to The Ivy in return for an honest review, all words and thoughts are my own 

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