I Candy Peach with Double Seat Attachment

So for regular readers it might seem strange that I'm reviewing a pushchair with a double seat attachment so I'll give you a little background to the situation.

The Week Tom went back to work after taking my maternity leave at 6 months I suddenly became busier than I had done in months. I felt like my brain was about to explode with all the things I needed to do and although I had to turn down a fair bit of work there were projects I really wanted to work on too and with no childcare for Mabli it was really tricky to be able to fulfil them. Wilf went to nursery at 18 months and I think that was the right time for him but at six months we felt like a nursery or childminding situation was a bit too soon. Thankfully I actually had a friend who is a private nanny and also had children both Wilf's and Mabli's age. She had decided not to go back to work after having her second child because of the school run with the first but after we chatted a bit we realised that we could actually come to an agreement that worked for us both with shorter days and her being able to take her baby with her to our house. I currently have 8 hours childcare which is sometimes taken all in one day and sometimes split into two. Mabli has a little friend who is a few weeks older than her and it's all worked out really well, phew! Because of this I needed to look at pushchairs that had the option of added a separate seat and this is when I began to look at the ICandy Peach.

Living in a city and also living in a victorian home which has a teeny tiny hallway there was no way that we could have a double that had seats side by side. I've actually used one before with a neighbour when Wilf was a toddler and found it really hard work to get inside cafes or even to walk on the pavement living in a bustling city like we do. I was always a bit hesitant of doubles that go one of top of each other though as I felt it was a bit mean on the child that had to sit below!

Luckily with the ICandy Peach the seat that attaches is the same size as the top seat and also feels high enough off the ground to be able to have a view without just looking straight at the back of the seat on top.

So first impressions, this is a really beautifully designed chair, it feels luxurious and I love the contrast of the leather handles against the chrome. ICandy uses aeronautical technology in its products and claims to that the standard of entering is the same as the design on a plane not a standard pushchair.  I can tell immediately that design is really important and that the quality of design is top notch.

The other thing I love about it is that it converts from a double to a single really easily meaning that on days when we don't need to use it for two you just unpop the second seat and away you go! I would say that the seats do seem a little smaller than other pushchairs I've tried out but having said that I've chatted to mums with the same model who are still using it for their older children of 2/3 no problem so I will update this review as we go on.

I've always been really hesitant about folding up pushchairs after we had our first pushchair with Wilf, I had to collapse and fold it on a busy train which was really tricky and bulky and so I've often avoided situations where I've needed to collapse one since. What I LOVE about this model is it's really really easy to fold down. I've made a little video (below) to demonstrate this a little better but you can literally do it in seconds and it had a strap to then pick up by which I thought was really neat. It also has the ability to be able to stood upright if you needed to fold it in the home to make more room.

Considering a double pushchair is a fair bit heavier than a standard I found it really easy to push and also get it up and down curbs. I've also tried it on grass in the park and I feel like it works equally well on both terrain which is great as I've had pushchairs before that were definitely more geared for pavements than off roading.

Over all I really love this model and it's been the perfect solution to my work day childcare arrangements. Having searched and read a bunch of reviews about doubles this one seemed to come out with glowing reviews and I can definitely see why.

I've popped a bit more info in this video review below as well as a little clip of me using and folding it which I thought would help visualise the process a little better.
I hope you found it useful!

We were sent the ICandy Peach for purposes of this review, all words and thoughts are my own 


Janine said...

I wish I would have come into the blogging world 4 years ago rather than 2 years ago. Some great buggy reviews.

Unknown said...

I have never been one to say oooo let's look at the icandy before with Hayden but this ones looks amazing and I would seriously consider it for cubby when we start looking at travel systems - maybe not this make as Hayden is way to big to be in a pushchair but I'm loving the design & reviews they have been getting.
Thanks for sharing Hun
Charlotte x

Unknown said...

I've had my eye on one of these for ages. We've an out N about and I love it but for little walk with one child this would be fab! Love the design and features too.

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