Me and Mine - August

August 'Me and Mine' the biggy, the one before school starts and all the change that brings. I'm emotional, part of me wants to change my mind and say 'nope sorry, I'm not ready to give up my little boy to school 5 days a week, we have important work building dens, pretending to be cats and going to the cafe for cake'. The other part of me knows, he is ready, he is exciting, it's going to be a massive adventure for him, he'll thrive. It's the start of me giving him up, he's not mine, he is his own person and I'm just slowly getting used to him growing up and supporting him in all he is until he's big and grown and leaves me (oh my god!).

Anyway, it dawned on me we had two weeks left and the panic set it. I started thinking 'I need to make these the BEST two weeks he's ever had!'. Then I calmed down and remembered that actually he'd be just as happy with an afternoon in the park then any fancy trip out. My dad came to stay (one of his favourite people ever in the whole world) and then we went to visit Tom's mum (another of Wilf's favourite people ever..actually I think my dad and Tom's mum are like his dream duo, we are totally forgotten about when either is about).

So anyway, we took a trip down to Dorset for a few days (post to come) and one of those days we decided to head to to Burton Bradstock beach. It was one of the days where I was like 'ah I won't put any make up on' and I just flung on some bits and bobs I'd brought with me. Then realised as I left the house that I looked very spotty! Haha!

So decked out in full polka dots head to toe, with Wilf clinging to me as if I've never picked him up before and I'm about to drop him and Mabli looking nowhere near the camera these are our pictures this month, and I think they are some of our favourites!

I know school is the next step in our adventures. It will mean play dates, new friends, learning to read and write and all the in-between. Independence from me, time alone with Mabli, a new structure to our days. I'm going to embrace it as much as I can even though I will be crying my eyes out on the walk home that first day. Next months Me and Mine will be full of tales how our first month went!

I know that for lots of you guys your kiddos are starting this year too so leave and comment to say hi if they are! 

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