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No that's not how old I am (try adding five years) but it IS how old one of my favourite brands are this month. Boden invited me on their colourful photowalk with Xanthe Berkeley a couple of weeks ago to celebrate 25 years in the business and it was like a mix of a bunch of my favourite things to do all in one morning. Colourful sixties inspired clothes, beautiful murals, instagram and a bunch of some of my favourite online friends. Plus I was dying to finally get on one of Xanthe's photowalks (you can find out more here).

I've been blogging now for around seven years and whilst I feel like I've made quite a successful career for myself the first three years or so I was just bumbling along enjoying my rather geeky hobby. I don't think my blog is particularly slick or magazine like and nor do I really want it to be but I do think (hope) it reflects my style and my passions. I've made some of my closest friendships online and also forged great working relationships with some of my favourite brands.

Lucy & Lucy!


I remember when Boden first contacted me to tell me about their press day, I think it was literally the first press day I had been invited to and although I actually couldn't attend I appreciated them seeing something in my blog, if I'm honest back then I had A LOT to learn about blogging (think photos that were so tiny you needed a microscope to view them & probably taken using the 'hipstamatic' app) so the fact that they liked it meant a lot! Here's a prime example of my blog back then if you fancy a laugh!

Anyway moving forward, I really feel like both myself and Boden have changed a bunch in the past four years. Their collections just keep getting better and mix the perfect about of modern and retro as well as the most beautiful colours of course. Hopefully my blog continues to improve with age too, ha!

It's been about ten months since Mabli was born and I'm definitely not anywhere near 'pre baby me' in terms of my size but I'm not mega stressed about it. There are many ways in which having two children has changed my body but for the most part I'm pretty content with them. I'm only human though so things like postpartum hairloss, massive breastfeeding boobs and carrying a bit more weight than I'm used to are insecurities that rear their head from time to time. Add to that the amount of grey hairs I've found lately oh my gosh! That being said I am incredibly thankful and proud of my body for what it's created and the age it's got me to so far! So when Boden said that Joe Galvin would be taking pics of a few of us for the site I was so chuffed to be one of the ladies and chose to leave my 'mum tum' hang ups at the door before I left.

I'm sure you guys have heard of Joe but he is a brilliant photographer and also boyfriend to the lovely Liv Purvis. I think they are both pretty much the most down-to-earth, nicest 'internet couple' out there. I first came across Liv's blog when my friend Hels created Lionheart magazine, right back from the initial concept of the magazine that she shared with me over a jacket potato on my lunch break (back when I was pregnant with Wilf). Liv had a fashion feature in every magazine and I was totally hooked on her style, my pregnancy diary featured in the first three magazines too. If you want to check out the back issues you can get them here. Liv has actually always been really supportive of me even featuring my (old) shop products on her blog a couple of years back and I know she's also a real champion to small business and creatives (like my friend Laura). So it was no surprise really that Joe was just as nice and also super talented!

Ok gone off a tangent there I think! I actually didn't take too many shots because I was filming quite a bit of footage which I'm going to include in a round up video really soon so these photos are mostly by Joe with a few of my IG shots too (the below shot is by Natasha Candy Pop with whom I enjoyed a little Boomerang wiggle ;))

I think I'm a pretty shy kinda person so being in a big group of lots of people I admire was a bit daunting but everyone was so lovely (and I knew a few people already) so it made for such a lovely morning. I have to say though I'm always so happy to get home to my little one, Wilf too of course but there's something about that pull when your babies are so little I think. Yep I'm still calling her baby, I'm pretty sure she's going to be called one until she's 18 months..or um 18..

So happy birthday Boden!! You can shop the looks below!



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